Viatjar amb nens al càmping

Traveling with children camping

Go to enjoy a few days camping is the time it is always a delight for children. The campsites usually have activities designed for them, especially in the summer, Activities Garrotxa but you can enjoy it all year. If traveling with children in our caravan and if we first have to be prepared.

What to consider?

– Route Planning: Children hold the car less time than adults, get tired and bored. Adapt the route is important for children to enjoy the trip. Make it stop if you do the day trip. If you make the trip at night, will be more convenient for them, can go all the way asleep.

– distraction: Porta different games because they get bored of playing always the same. Console, dvd’s, games, coloring books, stories or games or group-related trip.

– Bedtime: It is important that children feel comfortable vehicle. Sit at home. Do not forget your favorite doll.

– Camping: Choose one that has specific activities for children, or outdoor games.

– Games for abroad: the camp in an area that offers camping overnight like lava games do not forget to bring a ball, pales, or bowling tournaments, can be a good choice.

The most important thing is that they feel part of the experience and to enjoy it. Our park is one of the best options, not only by the number of activities that can be done, but by the natural environment that is surrounded by the park. You can take a number of excursions and sports for children and adults. Lava Park will surprise you.