Viatge amb globus per la Fageda d’en Jordá i la Garrotxa

Travel the globe in Jordan Beech Garrotxa

The region of Garrotxa and Beech are worthy of the best museums and art books and beauty, its uniqueness as a volcanic area in Cataluña have been portrayed in a complete photographic report, a balloon trip for Beech in Jordan and Garrotxa showing shades, beautiful colors and textures.

Photographs transported through the clouds and forests, and represents a new way to discover this wonderful region from the sky. If you think about it, there is no better way to travel and explore the area, Besides enjoying 40 Grado volcanic cones and lava.

May be, the capital of the Girona region is the best starting point for this beautiful but unusual activity, that if, is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo, because for these views should get a raise 1.700 meters.

but calm, the initial tension of the first meters of ascent dissipated through when first cracks landscape begin to glimpse the horizon, mass of green Natural Park of the Garrotxa with its perfect volcanoes and upholstered in a single box.

Soon you move away from their homes and Olot, to delve further into the thickness usually traveled in different activities in the Garrtoxa to reach one of the most recognized, the Santa Margarida volcano, with their 682 meters has a secret within the cone, a small chapel of the fifteenth century.

As we discussed in a previous article, Go to Romanesque hermitage of Santa Margarita is one of the most beautiful you can do in the region, a building with a unique geographical location.

For a long time, this enclave was forgotten and abandoned, but its uniqueness attracts tourists and was a regular place for those who visit the countryside, Currently the church is a protected monument as a Catalan architectural heritage.

To visit it, easily organize a tour and even easier if the idea is to enjoy the weekend for it camping at Beech, Lava Camping.

After enjoying the views in Santa Margarita, a balloon ride can also glimpse the Golf Roses, located on the coast and hopefully, if the wind permits, air a tour of one of the most charming towns in Catalonia, Besalú.

sadly, this activity, now little activity is not included in the best of camping Beech, but if you have a lot of activities with which to carry out this fantastic journey and without the risk of dizziness.

Lava Camping, Camping Garrotxa your eventful

If you decide to travel balloon is too tense for you, and especially emotionally intimidating than you were as many meters, There are a lot of options just as fun and beautiful that you can enjoy with your feet on the ground.

Starting to go to the chapel of Santa Margarita, Lava from camping there are different paths to cross and make the Garrotxa walk one of the most beautiful walks surrounded by lush nature perfect for hikers.

too, For the more adventurous there is the option to appeal Beech with the four×4 or horse riding where you can choose different modes a tour of the slopes of the volcano Croscat,to enjoy riding these fantastic items.

For the more modern option Segway, Lava Camping Ecologic organized routes adventure with a completely original means of transport which can cross rivers, trunks up and down stairs.

Also note, Family activities dedicated to children, as a visit to the farm, or tour the area of ​​the volcano Croscat, the Torn, and the Pomareda Martinyà a train that makes the trip more recreation for children.

The Reservations for these activities in the Garrotxa can be made by internet, so it is more flexible for the group who had planned these options before.