Una ruta de senderisme recomanada a la Garrotxa

A recommended hiking route in La Garrotxa

If you plan to come to La Garrotxa for a few days to relax in the wonderful natural environment of this region of Catalonia, you can't miss the Santa Margarida volcano. In this volcano you can climb to the top of its walls and visit the large center crater, where we find the small Romanesque hermitage of Santa Margarida de Sacot.

In addition, is a highly recommended activity to spend the day with friends, the couple or with the family. And all you need is good shoes, comfortable clothing and a backpack with the essentials, since the route is not very long. In concrete, will be from 3 miles counting the round trip, lasting approximately 1 hour. So it’s a pretty easy and quick route to take.

Route to the Santa Margarida volcano

Departure from the Santa Margarida car park

To start the route we will travel to the Santa Margarida car park, where we will leave our vehicle parked. This car park is located on the GI-554 road in Santa Pau. To identify it we will see a large paved esplanade on one side of the road or a roundabout exit.

Once all the participants are together you can start the route, you will have to take the path on the right when you enter the car park. It is a very wide dirt road and it is in perfect condition for walking, and even to enter with vehicles.

As you go along you will come across different signs that mark the right path. All you have to do is follow them to the top of the crater. To guide you better, the slope you have to take is very straight and will take you almost to the top of everything. This slope ends at a fork where we turn left, which is the shortest path. If you want to walk a little further, then, better go the right way.

Arrive at the crater of Santa Margarida

When you get to the top, you will have to go down a small path that will take you to the center of the crater, where is the hermitage of Santa Margarida. If you want to visit it, it is best to inform yourself of the times before the excursion. This will allow you to have a more complete experience.

The comeback

To return, what we recommend, is that you are going the same route you went up, for that way you will not get lost along the way. Despite this, you will arrive at the car park in 30 minutes at most.

And if in your case you do not want to walk paths, you can always contact us to see some of the volcanoes of La Garrotxa. In Activities Garrotxa we are experts in this area and we know where the best points to go with are our train on wheels.