Un ratpenat gegant tria dormir a la Fageda d’en Jordà

A giant bat choose to sleep Beech in Jordan

A group of researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona confirmed the presence of a colony of bats largest in Europe that have been established sleep at Beech. The species is known scientifically as Nyctalus lasiopterus. Eis located in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

These nocturnal mammals have been installed·lat sleeping the Beech can measure 50 cm with wings. The technicians have collected biological samples to analyze their state of health and possible diseases. Barcelona Zoo financially subsidizes this fieldwork. They also have the support of the Technology Center of Catalonia and Forestry following the activity of this animal for fifteen years.

Beech sleep at day and night flying

The activity of these bats are unique in Europe takes place mainly at night. when it grows dark, instead of sleeping at Beech, to fly out food andnsectes and small animals. They need to eat lots of food because they perform important energy costs.

The thesis of the first studies claimed that only moves the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa. Nowadays, has shown that fly through Castellfollit of the Rock to Lake Plan, and can reach exceptionally Gironès.

The Beech in Jordan, a unique forest

The Natural Park Fagedad'en Jordan is an ideal environment for this species of bats. Beech holes used as shelters and build their nests. The beech forest becomes a natural open space similar to Central Europe. At the same time that Only Peninsula thanks to lava from the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa.

The monitoring of the experts is laborious. It is difficult to find them, and even more during the day since they are nocturnal animals. When it locates some examples, obtained blood samples, pel the saliva.

The Beech could have accounted for some 50 bats since 2010. Research has documented that females migrate to the central French and Central European forests in spring to breed. Once the summer, return to Beech in Jordan.

The beech in autumn

The technical studies found that autumn is when they arrive at the Beech nuts. Males are set all year Garrotxa, moving on females to mate. Olot, volcanoes ... bats largest in Europe have found their refuge in this preferred unique and magical nature reserve.

The beech in autumn is appreciated also by contrasts and diversity of its leaves but any time of year is ideal to discover the.

Discover a campsite in natural beech

This bat is completely harmless to people. The night was his busiest period, it is very difficult to see. And even more not to exceed the figure of 50 The specimens living in Beech.

If you want to spend a few days in the area to try to see this animal, we recommend Camping Ecologic Lava. It will be very difficult to find it, but you can spend some fantastic days in camping most popular natural beech.

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You should also explore the environment in a different way. For example, in horse cart. A classic means of transport discover the most magical carriage Garrotxa.

The presence of bats in Europe's largest Garrotxa is a good indication of good ecological and environmental area. Bats need to breathe a very pure and clean to live in any natural environment.