Temporada de bolets a Lava Parc

Season mushrooms Lava Park

You know that it is mushroom season? The area of ​​the Lava Park, us as we have found you some. You are fond of practicing this activity? We love, we want to prepare a list of mushrooms typical of our area:


– Reig: Such mushrooms may find itself from last summer until autumn. The'll close deciduous, oak, leaved beech, holm, cork, Laurel and carob. They have a hat from 8 i 15 centimeters. They have a mild and pleasant smell. I have most appreciated in the kitchen.


– Trumpet of the dead: only find fall and the end of this season. Deciduous trees, oak and beech forests are where you find them. A mushroom-shaped funnel. Its color is almost black and has a fruity smell.


– Rovelló: Only in the fall and find their habitat is mostly pine and conifers. Its color varies from tan to reddish, meat soft and hard and have a very pleasant smell. They are used in the kitchen to make stews and stir-fried.


– Pocket: At the end of the summer you can find this type of mushroom. Areas? siliceous, pine, coniferous forests and mountain. His hat is brown and fleshy like his foot.


– Leg Partridge: Like stocks, these can also find it at the end of summer in areas of pines and conifers. Its color is dark violet and has a long and twisted foot odor and negligible.


– Black Llenega: This species can be found until the beginning of winter in areas with calcareous pine and conifers. Stresses the smell, as it is very aromatic and perfumed. It has a white flesh and consistent.


Now that you know a few of the species that can be found around our park, Feel out to pick mushrooms?