Com se celebra als altres països el dia de Reis?

As other countries held the Epiphany?

We look forward to the arrival of the Magi. The day 5 the streets will be filled with joy and·reference to the passage of the procession of their majesties. But you know how tonight will be held in other parts of the world? We bring you some more customs who live in countries like Brazil, Italy and Germany. – Brazil: in many inland areas of the country performed the famous "Folia do […]

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Llocs imprescindibles de la Garrotxa

Places essential Garrotxa

The area of ​​Garrotxa is an area with incredible places you know, but since we want to propose activities Garrotxa essential that you visit. Enjoy some different days knowing our land. – Natural Park of the volcanic zone: has an extension 120 square kilometers and we can discover the volcanic cones that are in the area. Visit the main and Santa Margarita volcano, what […]

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La ruta del Carrilet

The route Carrilet

You know greenways? Many exist throughout Spain, they can only travel on bicycles and walkers, no motor vehicle. All this began in 1994, with the aim of transforming more 2000 km of railway in old ways for people. One of these ways is the Ruta del Carrilet. This route linking Girona and Olot you can use 54 kilometers from volcanoes […]

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Beneficis de l’escalada

Benefits climbing

There are many sports that can be practiced in Garrotxa, from hiking, through cycling to climbing. Today we want to tell you a little more of the latter, and benefits. Come with climbing. It is a sport that combines aerobics if a great muscular endurance technique. It provides? – Activated a large number of muscles in this sport. Above all, forearms, continuously, […]

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Consells a l’hora de collir bolets

Tips when harvesting mushrooms

The other day as we mentioned what types of mushrooms can be found in our province, If you have already decided to go in search of these fungi want to tell you that you will need to be well equipped and some tips and tricks. To spend a day looking for mushrooms the only thing you need is a knife and a basket, never use plastic bags to store mushrooms. Use comfortable clothes and […]

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Temporada de bolets a Lava Parc

Season mushrooms Lava Park

You know that it is mushroom season? The area of ​​the Lava Park, us as we have found you some. You are fond of practicing this activity? We love, we want to prepare a list of mushrooms typical of our area:   – Reig: Such mushrooms may find itself from last summer until autumn. The'll close deciduous, oak, leaved beech, holm, […]

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Rutes en trekking: atenció a l’alimentació i la hidratació

Trekking tours: attention to nutrition and hydration

We've already talked about the benefits that have many of our activities in Garrotxa Activities. One activity that we like is the trekking. Thanks to the environment you can enjoy hiking can be done in many villages and beautiful towns, Some are harder than others, Choose your level and enjoy. We know the benefits of trekking but know ahead […]

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Quines activitats pots realitzar amb nens quan s’acaben les vacances dels pares?

What activities you can do with children when parents just holidays?

Once you finish the holidays parents, children continue with their free days until the beginning of the year. If you've spent holidays with us, you enjoyed dozens of all kinds of activities, designed for children and adults, but what you can do and now return home? It is best to stay organized week after work and on weekends you can enjoy […]

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Aquest Agost gaudeix de les activitats Garrotxa

This August has activities Garrotxa

It's August and we thought in many activities for you to spend a great summer with us. Come with your friends, family or your partner, you'll have a great. All our activities are for all ages. This August you can enjoy water aerobics and zumba classes. Friday night is party! Come to our Disco move the skeleton. Organize excursions to discover around every Saturday […]

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Aquest estiu, gaudeix-ho en família

This summer, enjoy it with family

Summer is coming and it is a good time to start thinking about the holidays. Why not organize a trip with your family? Traveling with the family has many benefits. Especially those who do break a camping holiday. Al Lava Parc, we have a large number of activities for you to enjoy with everyone in your family. You riding with your mother, go with your […]

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