Senderisme en vies romanes per la Garrotxa

Hiking on Roman routes through La Garrotxa

More than 20 centuries, the Romans made the decision to conquer the Iberian Peninsula, when at that time it was the territory of the Carthaginians. For that, what they did was enter the Catalan Pyrenees and settle in the province of Girona, specifically in the ancient city of Empúries, as it was a very good strategic point.

Gradually, the Romans formed alliances with an Iberian people and thus were able to begin to take control of the current autonomous community of Catalonia.. When more Roman peoples settled, they were progressively conquering all the Iberian Peninsula until Carthage, l’actual Cartagena, he fell. Carthage was the most important city of the Carthaginians, and for this reason they lost the war when it fell into the hands of the Romans.

Luckily, today, we still find archaeological remains of this great empire that was able to conquer almost the entire European continent. Some of them can be found in the same province of Girona, where we will find the origin of the Romans in our peninsula. And today we will tell you about one of the places that is very well preserved, although it is not well known. And that’s a good thing, since in this way its state can be preserved over time.

This place is the Via Romana de Capsacosta. A whole work of Roman engineering, due to its great difficulty of construction in the mountainous terrain of La Garrotxa. This route is still enabled, but only for hiking. This is definitely one of the best outdoor activities you can do on a sunny day.

And we say for a day because it’s not a short route. In total it has a distance of 8.55km, which begin from Sant Pau de Segúries to Sant Salvador de Bianya. Unlike other hiking trails, the Roman Road of Capsacosta, it is not a circular route, so you have to keep in mind that if you want to do it, you will have to make a round trip and a return trip to your car.

We believe that the best way to do this route is from Sant Salvador de Bianya, as it will be all uphill on the way, and then when you get tired it will all go downhill. The average time it takes to make the round trip on foot is more or less the same 2 hours, considering that you carry a normal rhythm.

Hiking equipment on the Via Romana de Capsacosta

What you will need to do this fantastic Roman walking route will be the following:

  • Un mòbil per si us perdeu enmig de la natura
  • Una motxilla per portar els vostres objectes
  • Water
  • Una mica de menjar per si us entra gana
  • Calçat còmode i adequat per caminar per terrenys muntanyosos
  • I si és hivern per la tarda, no està de més portar una llanterna per si es fa de nit

Si el que voleu és fer la ruta al matí us aconsellem que reserveu taula al restaurant Lava, perquè a l’endemà no us preocupeu pel menjar i pugueu recuperar forces després de la caminada.