Rutes a cavall per La Garrotxa

Horseback riding Garrotxa

Do you like horses? An animal so noble and majestic as the horse, it is hard not to like someone. For that, Being so close to them and when they do horseback riding to La Garrotxa, is an unforgettable experience. The horses are like people, Animals are very sensitive, warm and emotional. They have a sixth sense, as it goes to the dogs, to capture moods.

We are aware that it is an animal, despite their physical strength, you have to deal with love and respect. They notice it and are very grateful. For that, we talk a little more the experience of riding a horse, and walk to the back of one of them by the volcanic Garrotxa. You must know a little more in detail what are the routes and what makes it so special for our horses. Here we will explain some details about the different breeds of horses and how they differ from each other.

Rutes a cavall per La Garrotxa

The species Appaloosa, the horse of Pippi Langstrum

Appaloosa horses have the Lava Park, a horse breed native to the Western United States, considered the oldest. In reality, are the descendants of the horses of the Nez Perce Indian tribe, they were endangered until to the 1938 created an association to preserve them in Idaho, the Appaloosa Horse Club. In the Idaho Club which owes its current name, Appaloosa horse.

They are characterized by their back scab or "freckled", their small ears and huge eyes. The world's most famous horse is apaloosa, certainly, "Little Uncle", it was the horse of the mythical lunar Pippi Langstrum. This is a horse that we love, not only for its fur and scab childhood memories for some of our visitors. In addition to this, is a very popular raza, what known for being nimble, intel·intelligent and noble. We do not get tired of looking at them, because they are really beautiful.

cavalls Appaloosa com activitat a la Fageda d'en Jorda

Horses pigallats are another breed of Turkmen origin who accompanies us in our tours. They are usually brown, a single color and have a very long neck. They are two different types of horses, Coming in and are characterized by their sociable and calm character. This makes them very suitable for interacting with people.

Routes volcanic nature park of La Garrotxa and the Fageda in Jordan

The Our horse riding are two routes. The crossing of the hillside volcano Croscat, The volcanic nature reserve Garrotxa, dura 45 minutes. The area is located between the town of Olot and Santa Pau. It has a horseshoe shape and height 160 metres. In our horse riding, so beautiful cross this part of the nature reserve, where the summit are the remains of an ancient watchtower.

Of the two horse riding, the longest dura 2 is an hour walk through beautiful scenery of the Beech in Jordan. There are including walk along the edge of the volcano Croscat, then get into the beautiful landscape of the Beech in Jordan. It is a route plan, on a lava, which is surrounded by other volcanoes.

Rutes pel parc natural volcànic de La Garrotxa i per la Fageda d’en Jordà amb cavalls

The colors of the Beech in Jordan are beautiful all year, but especially in the fall and spring. Its trees and its quiet surroundings make this a place of incomparable beauty and contemplation. The experience of this place on a tour of the most beautiful animals in the world, the horse, is a sum of sensations peace, welfare, contemplation and emotion.

Do not exaggerate if I say that riding routes have been living Garrotxa!