Quines activitats pots realitzar amb nens quan s’acaben les vacances dels pares?

What activities you can do with children when parents just holidays?

Once you finish the holidays parents, children continue with their free days until the beginning of the year. If you've spent holidays with us, you enjoyed dozens of all kinds of activities, designed for children and adults, but what you can do and now return home?

It is best to stay organized week after work and on weekends you can enjoy your children. There are many activities you can perform with the children. We, specialists in creating and organizing activities want to give you a few ideas.

  • The cultural activities always a success. Have fun and learn is one of the best things you can do and kids love. Interactive museums are a great idea. The theatre, go to the movies or go to libraries, These usually offer different activities at this time focused on children. Informed of such activities in your neighborhood or city, sure you marvel. You can also arrange a city tour and learn some history monument or to help them better understand the place in which they live.


  • Outdoor Activities: Children have much to be away from home. For that, advantage this time to go to the park and play a sport. Learn a new activity such as skating or riding a bike is another good idea. The field trips or some people during the weekends are a way out of the routine of the city and learn about the environment around us. In the Garrotxa there are a lot of amazing people with a great history, culture, wildlife, from here we invite you to know what you are missing this incredible area.


  • To home: being at home can also be fun. Cooking a pie, play board games or classic game into the housework and teach them to be responsible in this way at home.

There are many options, it only takes a little imagination and organization. Let your children enjoy all holidays.