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Who som

About Activities in Garrotxa. What we do?

Our Mission
About Activities in the Garrotxa. Som a family business that ha fa 25 years we are at your service to manage your lleure.Posem and leisure activities available to you to discover a unique, protected natural. Our company is the result of introducing the Garrotxa in its explendorositat.
What we do?
We offer a wide range of’ activities in’ Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone Grrotxa, Beech in full in Jordan and in the’ around volcanoes most emblematic. We organize trips , go from horse, en cars, pony train, sleep has a bungalow, stores, restaurant, bar, picnic, events, concentrations,… everything happens for any s'et, we just have to propose .
The values ​​of our company
For more 25 years are the Garrotxa expanding and improving services for visitors to the beech and the Natural Park of the Garrotxa.
How to book our services
All of our activities can manage from a single phone number (972 680 358) or by mail reserves@activitatsgarrotxa.com.
Where to find us?
Our headquarters and much of’ Lava Ecologic camping activities is the Carriages and make their journey through the beech from the’ Can Serra car.
Why choose our company?
The widest range for all audiences and ability to manage activities in a single book in the Garrotxa.


About Activities in Garrotxa. Our team at your service


Toni and Joseph

Head of our slope ferrobiari, Carrilet - Train Volcanic Zone and our specialized guide.



Responsible for the flagship activity of our company, Carriages of the Beech 's Jordan.



Head from its origins brand pony GARROTXA, The Ivan cord and manages the areas of horseback riding and assistance to Fairs and Events.


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