Què és un volcà?

What is a volcano?

One of the best ways to enjoy the landscapes that La Garrotxa offers us is to visit all the inactive volcanoes in this region.. But before that, we would like to explain in more depth what a volcano is, as we do in our guided tours of our tourist train.

Volcanoes are natural structures that are found on the earth's surface and are responsible for expelling a set of materials from layers below the lithosphere.. The way materials are ejected is in the form of magma, lava.

What is an inactive volcano?

Many of the volcanoes that ejected lava from the earth's surface thousands of years ago, today, they are inactive. But it is very important to differentiate inactive volcanoes from extinct volcanoes. Inactive volcanoes can present some kind of activity today, such as some type of fumarole or hot springs. They may also not indicate any activity, but they must be less than 15.000 years without presenting it.

In contrast, extinct volcanoes are those that carry more than 15.000 years without presenting any activity. Despite this, both types of volcanoes can become activated again, but it is unlikely and we would know in time. Volcanic areas are constantly being studied.

If you are interested or interested in visiting one of the volcanoes of La Garrotxa you should know that you have a great repertoire to choose from. Total, you will be able to find 30 inactive volcanoes within this region and more than 20 volcanic flows.

Our recommendations are visit the Santa Margarida volcano, which is one of the most visited thanks to its easy access and the hermitage located in the center of the crater. And also the volcano Croscat, which is very peculiar due to its horseshoe shape caused by the erosion of the lava rivers that formed thousands of years ago.

And if what you want is to visit some of the volcanoes and some of their natural remains, like the Beech in Jordan, el que et recomanem és que t’allotgis al nostre càmping preferit, i en el que trobaràs tot el que necessites, the camping Lava.

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