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Lava Kids Park

Lava Park Kids, a new space located in Santa Pau, the heart of the Garrotxa.

Intended for families and groups, will find a place for activities within the natural park of Lava. Lava Kids Park is a center surrounded by nature, full of leisure activities which will have:

  • Circuit pera kick scooters. Within the park and clay line with terraced terrain that presents itself, mounts the circuit pear kick scooters.
  • Path of the senses. Road in the mountain environment where you can walk surrounded by nature, stepping and playing different natural elements while following a circuit marked with the relevant information Tite.
  • obstacle course. Space attached to the mountainside that has different obstacles to overcome to get to play the final bell. This activity takes the environment and proposes a base point competition.
  • **Paintball Laser Tag. Around adapted space lasts hiding out Paintball Laser Tag. This formula is designed to play everybody and anytime, because dirty or hurt. It is managed by a computer and do not use any kind of projectile **
  • trampolines. Space to jump containing two individual trampoline jumping with your network protection.
  • Circuit geocatxing. Joint Tite hidden by the space you need to locate a map and mid ant a series of clues.
  • Slackline. Space pear sport balance on tape.
  • birthday Celebrations.
  • And a lot of activities!

Access to the park ( 2hours) : 15€ Children 2 to 12 10 years and adults €

Open weekends and holidays from 11am to 14pm

** activities not included in the price of basic access.

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