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Package activities among volcanoes

Package activities among volcanoes

Train + carriages + lunch Garrotxa

To enjoy the garrotxa activities, the facilities of Lava Parc we propose a pack to enjoy a volcanic environment in which we live.

The Beech Jordan in a magical forest by changes colors every season offers, situated on volcanic lava is a unique forest on the peninsula where one says as the poet Joan Maragall can feel forgotten by everyone when you walk inside.

Walk with carriages horse-drawn race perxerona, one hour. There is a stopping point in the middle of the forest where it is a more accurate explanation of the area's flora and fauna on the site. Later walking around 50 meters above ground lava volcància to feel that conveys the nature and back up to the coach to go to the start and finish the tour.

Finishing the tour we head towards the Lava Park, the park with leisure activities accommodation i restaurant, which will start with the route train ( reproduction of the old train that went from Olot-Girona) per volcanic area. Un tour d’uns 45 minutes, a panoramic view of the volcano Torn, the Martinyà, the Pomareda and Croscat. During the journey we have public address and information to arrive at the foot of the volcano Croscat we stop where the drop train to enjoy more specifically about the area, made by the same guide-driver. Lava back to the park and taking longer hungry for lunch…. To the Restaurant Lava, a restaurant with large windows to have an open view of the landscape and relaxan even decorated western style we have prepared the table for a meal typical of the area. Menus are prepared for both children and adults.

Also for children from taking an excellent record presents a pony ride, these small horses so funny and affable , Spaces for installations.

Train + carriages + lunch Garrotxa


Adult menu

Catalan sausage with salad Area
Barbecue with Santa Pau beans and Alioli
Water, pa vi i cafes

Children menu :

Chicken with potatoes
Dessert: pudding / yoghurt
Water and bread

Children's menu :

Spaghetti with sausage
Dessert: pudding / yoghurt
Water and bread
Price adults : 35’00€
Price children ( 6 a 10 an ys) : 27’00€
Price children ( 1 a 5 years) : 18’00€



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