On menjar a la Garrotxa i “caçar bolets” aquesta tardor

Where to eat in the Garrotxa "mushroom hunting" this fall

We are already in autumn, and the heat is still in the air so the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone is one of the most attractive to be visited by tourists these days and in November will seek to take mushrooms, so we advice you to do is to learn páctica where to eat in the Garrotxa “to hunt” mushrooms. Why this area is so attractive for this practice?

Mainly because this area of ​​the province of Girona is one of the older volcanic zones of the Peninsula, has dozens of volcanoes, how we feel, volcanoes, that fill the horizon as a book of dragons and fantasy, as well as several lines of lava.

Such geography also comes with a large green blanket nature, in which to enjoy a festival of natural colors like those stained oak, oaks, beeches, generating a very pleasant biodiversity.

This wilderness, make this area one of the best for spend some time and be relaxed, enjoying friends and family.

If that was not enough, This area is surrounded by small towns with history, besides declared cultural interest, sites include medieval Besalú and Santa Pau in which certainly are a must to cross streets.

But as mentioned above, the true spirit of the area lies in the volcanic area, and mainly by cones Santa Margarita and San Francisco, resulting in a fantasy tale in Beech in Jordan.

Eating at the Beech

As we mentioned before, you have to enjoy those unique people in rural and appreciate the beauty of its cuisine, Volcanic Zone, Vall d'en Bas and Vall de Bianya are places where the deep roots kitchen High Mountain.

This type of cooking, count with ingredients such as beans, patates o el xai, a type of food more "intense", but there are a variety of places to enjoy a restaurant, everything depends on the tastes and appetite to have visitors.

Places like Restaurant Camping La Garrotxa Lava Set in the grounds of Camping Lava. It is intended and designed to enjoy family and friends, a varied cuisine with menus and dishes of the area.

All decorated with a rustic, for children not only enjoy the food, if not also the local.

Mushrooms found at Garrotxa Volcanic Zone

Next month November is expected collect mushrooms or mushroom hunting is a perfect time for lovers mycology, especially in the area of ​​Garrotxa.

Note that area is amassed, especially on weekends, Note that this November is possible that the season is very feasible and experts recommend early to move between the landscape of oaks, oaks, you're in search of tasty mushrooms.

So whether you are a professional or just a casual fan this practice, the best time to enjoy long walks in the mountains and pick mushrooms, you must do so before 10.00h, thus avoid masificació which simply make tourism in the area and masificació families and friends who want to enjoy other Activities in the Garrotxa, such as 4×4, horse riding.

Another moment is very likely in the afternoon, The problem this time is lack of light, Now in the autumn we can enjoy a few hours, but in November 18.00 the sun is very low or it is night, to have greater security is best done the day.

If you have the time availability, these are the best moments for make a getaway and "mushroom hunting" and if you have free time during the week, the Beech in Jordan is the perfect place to get away from the madding crowd and enjoy the silence among the trees.