Olot és un destí

Olot is a destination

Located in the heart of the Garrotxa Natural Park with his more popular we Olot. Discover what you can do!

Shortly speaking of all that hides this town capital of the Catalan region, Garrotxa. For many years, Olot, has invested to extract all the potential natural, History, i cultural. For this reason, This city is filled with things to do and places to discover. Do not wait to come and live this experience firsthand!

Olot highlights different aspects: its nature, culture, the history, mountain sports and local businesses. In this article we will make a splash each of them.

Discover the nature of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa

Just next to this town we are the best preserved of all natural Catalonia, and for this reason, around we find points of high interest to us, rivers, fonts, hidden paths, ... These viewpoints are you expose a small sample.

Sources daughters natural volcanic lava

Around Olot, in several places and routes, we find natural sources from the cracks that form between the underground, This comes aquifer connected to the river Fluvià. This way, the water that comes out is cool, granddaughter crystal i·lina.

Tries to make the

In one corner of a meandering river Fluvià we find the source of the path Tries. Located just 10 minute drive from the center of Olot, this old drinking fountain is a natural choice for carry with family. It is easily accessible and not have to walk very, the route is fairly flat and full of nature, in just a few steps will completely change the landscape and give the feeling of being somewhere else.

On the route you will have to reach the destination, you will find the area of ​​the river where the ducks like to be more of this natural park, therefore, you can see in a lot of them!

Source of San Roque

Situated in the final stretch of the Paseo Tossols and the beginning of the Ruta del Carrilet, This source is a place to make a stop and cool off under the shade of large plane worn throughout the area. It is a place to enjoy the peace and quiet·mind that this land provides, a really good resting point for a route with your family.

One thing to keep in mind is easily accessible by bike, as it is right at the intersection of a trail bike path. So there is no excuse not to make him a visit to this site!

Source Moixina and source Bufaganyes

The interior of the spots we find these sources Moixina. They are located in two ase Olot and give input to the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. Due to the outcrop of groundwater born wetland that gives name to this area,, making possible the formation of these natural sources.

These sources are part of the itinerary of the race Moixina, so every 1 May, this source is accessed. On the way to visit these sources can give you a look at the chapel of health, a neoclassical building of a special beauty.

source Brown

Located in New Park has one of the most diverse floras around the nature reserve. You'll find some oaks over 250 years, with a height of over 25 metres. It really is a space full of natural magic, which together with family, friends, odd or even single, Enjoy firsthand.

In addition, due to their little knowledge, turn this area into a quiet space·almost mystical tranquility and relaxation.

Travel charming on a bicycle

Olot also has a lot of routes that cross and surround. One of the most interesting, especially for the reason that can be done by bike. Weather Garrotxa accompanies routes to perform outdoors surrounded by nature, hence their routes to make are so special.

We recommend crossing the interiors of the natural park bike starting site of the old train station that is to the south of Olot, to find the start of the greenway that leads to Route Carrilet, After we cross the Valley of the Crow and the popular Beech in Jordan. Despite this, This route has a number of places where you can go back and take a shorter route.

Activities in Olot full of culture

Olot lies a historical collection that is worth discovering. In this city invested in promoting it and keep it, For this reason, lend him time to this place is enriching.

A cultural attractions that will give you a route to follow:

The Museum of Garrotxa, Discover the history of Olot

During the late S. Seventeenth to mid S. XX Garrotxa there were a lot of artists who dedicated their work to the wonders of this land. From the School of Landscape Olot, artists like the brothers Joaquim and Marian Vinyareda and Josep Berga Boix. All of them highly respected by artists of the time, no longer reflected the essence of the moment in history that has gone by.

We also find remarkable sculptors such well known Olot Miquel Blay and Josep Clara. They have a great appreciation for his sculptures pioneer of modernism and Noucentisme.

Only for a limited time is a large-scale exhibition painted oil painting realistic style that Ramon Houses.

How do you see this museum is a meeting not to be missed, let them visit you and nourishes art!

Route of Modernism, a forest of art in Olot

Olot was one of the most important points of the map when it comes to Modernism in Catalonia. This artistic movement left us as a legacy of urban architecture that sets a route that crosses the city full of unique buildings and facades.

A clear example is the facades Solà Morales, the building of Pujador, and the former residence of Escubós, Gassiot and Gaieta Villain. These facades are inside the historical center of the town where you can see a lot more of modernist buildings.

The route ends at the Museum of Garrotxa, therefore becomes a very interesting tourist route and history of the region.

Volcanic cuisine: unique products and quality

Due to the volcanic earth that we are the land of the Garrotxa there comes a product of unique taste and texture, with superb quality·lent. Over the years the inhabitants of this region have been learning how to extract the maximum potential fruit of the earth with one of the most prestigious kitchens in the country.

In the market square of Olot you will find a sea of ​​scents, colors, flavors and textures will not forget. There you can buy a unique product and proximity.


Good weather is approaching and it is time for you to visit our land Garrotxa. Activities Garrotxa advantage to come and do a lot of routes and itineraries throughout the region. T hope!