Muntar a cavall: una teràpia saludable

Ride a horse: healthy therapy

learn to ride a horse in a natural environment such as that of’ Activities Garrotxa can bring us health and wellness. This type of therapy is also known as equine, and used to help sufferers overcome their illnesses.

This therapeutic activity started talking Hippocrates in ancient Greece. From the seventeenth century begins to use this direct contact with horses trotting. One method to soften the effects of the disease gout.

It was from the early 50 in the equine began to be a method post·LIAT widespread. Ride a horse is turned into a therapeutic form of direct contact with nature. A healthy relationship between the person and the movement of steed.

Riding in the Garrotxa as a beneficial activity

The equine therapy is beneficial to improve mood. Contact with horses helps to overcome emotional problems. Ride a horse helps improve the psychology of the people. Physically, can help the rehabilitation of physical mobility and security when it comes to improving coordination of movements of patients who have suffered an accident.

The equine therapy can be very beneficial to physical diseases such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida. A psychological level, ride a horse therapy is recommended in cases of autism, behavioral problems or severe traumatic experiences.

Lava Parc: passion for horses

Sleeping in the Garrotxa can be an opportunity to be in contact with horses. Camping Lava is the most popular camping Garrotxa thanks to the natural beauty of the area in which it is placed. It is Santa Pau, a village in the province of Girona known for its medieval.

A volcanic area located in the southeast of Olot, of great ecological interest and you will discover through guided tours organized Lava Park, a theme park that is in the same enclosure Camping Ecologic Lava.

These guided tours of the countryside of the area are performed in different ways, while appealing. Imagine discovering a unique natural environment in the Iberian Peninsula carriage? Lava Parc offers the possibility of a horse cart ride to the Beech in Jordan. The the carriages Beech waiting for you Activities Garrotxa.

If your desire is riding in a group to discover it, We also have this possibility. Lava Park is a farm school who loves animals, especially, horses. As you can choose what you like.

the train: pause before continuing on horseback

Lava Parc also offers a choice of attractive tourism and relaxation: explore the volcanoes in the Garrotxa train. After finishing the session riding, els volcanoes in the area of ​​Santa Pau and Olot This will help you make selfie you want to hang on your social networks. an endearing train ride the environment volcano Croscat,the Torn, the Pomareda i the Martinyà.

Lava Park and Activities Garrotxa: leisure and fun for the family

Visit farms is an educational tool to consider the education of our children. In addition to therapy with horses, the farm animals organic garden and help convey the values ​​of respect and conservation of biodiversity and the environment. Lava Park and Activities Garrotxa offer this option to be able to share unforgettable moments with family.