Llum, foc, volcans…Lluèrnia arriba a Olot per endinsar-te en un món únic

light, fire, volcanoes…Skylight reaches Olot delve into a unique world

You may wonder what is skylight, Hi? This is called "festival of fire and light"Which will be on 9 November Olot from the start until sunset. It is done with the aim of consolidating the image of Olot related to the environment, with fire, the volcanoes, light and celebration, Skylight reaches Olot delve into a unique world.

For weeks several groups, schools and groups of city of Garrotxa, prepare various decorations and artwork made from the idea of ​​light to cover the buildings and filled the streets of Olot of light and color.

Each group carries a decor of a different area of ​​the city, which, eventually creating a route marked on a map that will make you walk around the festival, Olot look and feel its best. Els streets filled with art, Light colors, of party, fire and the essence of the land Garrotxa.

In recent years, tourism has been a trend in the area, Besides, remains at a constant growth. It is a fantastic choice to make with the kids and the whole family. Exceptional experiences and memories of her beautiful life. Because I can see a little better, Here are examples of these decorations and exhibitions that take place in this festival.

The paths of light Besalú

In this case, ESO 3 students EI will create a Besalú labyrinth where everyone carries on the way he likes more colors, and comes to a different destination from which to continue the journey.

paths straight, curves, stairs and obstacles is what you will find in these roads that fill the mystery and fun.

The Institute of Besalú have been working together for years with the company Olot, methacrylate, which has made this project an interactive cultural activities. Suffice to say that the person get out of the maze, s'emportarà yes award that will see the light!

This project will take place in the parking Square Campdenmàs.

Square of Campdenmàs’ Olot be 30 to the club

Skylight celebrates its 30th anniversary, and it is for this reason that the club along with the facility Aoapix·facilities 30 al cub, has saved us a great surprise. There will be Camdenmàs Square where the lights go out and see a giant cake all wrapped in colored lights. This way, they want to remember and celebrate the magic that surrounds this celebration of light and fire. It is an interactive activity with the city and open to the public.

Place: Square Campdenmàs.

Entrance to the Underworld in fireflies

From different associations and architectural firms presented a proposal on concepts exhibited antagonism between the earth and the entrance to the underworld.

This part of the show want to simulate a door into the world of darkness where the set of lights and colors will make you feel a whole range of new sensations. In addition, set of sharp geometric structures surrounding the entire exhibition, immerses the viewer in the space to be displayed. When entering into this door will be a presentation on hell will break differently
preconceptions. It is a unique experience.

The surroundings of Olot a unique experience

A walk through the woods will become a unique experience together with nature especially where children will be amazed. Skylight offers you a place outdoors where the tracks will be published under the light and leaves the field. We bring values ​​and knowledge about nature and respect it. This activity is fun and full of values.

This will take around Olot.

The exhibitions and activities do not stop there, these comprise only a small stroke that will give you the idea. There is a whole world to discover and you see it with your own eyes.
The beauty of this festival is priceless, but is invaluable.

We suggest you come with family Camping Lava, and enjoy all the activities that proposes activities Garrotxa and you do not miss this great experience.

Give out these pictures of last year's festival Lluèrma, will leave you open-mouthed! the 9 November Skylight reaches Olot delve into a unique world.