La zona volcànica de la Garrotxa a l’hivern

The volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa in winter

La Garrotxa is an area full of adventures to do, with a perfect historical and cultural heritage for a weekend getaway, either alone or as a family. The volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa is well known in the field of adventure as you can live many new and fun experiences. This year we have had a very complicated situation with the pandemic, this is the reason why many people look for a place to disconnect from the routine. From Activities Garrotxa we advise you to come and enjoy all the activities we offer you this winter, always respecting each and every one of the COVID-19 safety standards that we follow in our space.

Today we have learned to value each of the things we do and have. That's why taking a walk breathing fresh air or learning to ride a horse are activities that from Activities Garrotxa we propose to spend a fun time accompanied by a unique nature which helps you escape from all your worries, with the song of the birds and the sound of the breeze caressing your skin.

Garrotxa activities in winter

An experience that we propose from Activitats Garrotxa is a visit to the museums of Olot. Winter is the coldest season of the year. For this reason, it is the perfect opportunity to visit these cultural spaces to discover the history of La Garrotxa. For the little ones in the house we recommend the Marià library Vayreda where they will find two children's spaces full of interesting stories that will leave them speechless. We like to encourage reading and culture from an early age.

Who doesn’t like full breakfast, grab a backpack and make a route to discover unforgettable places? If this is your case, we propose “the old ways of Batet”: Batet is a Balkan terrain where the Pujalós volcano is located. On this route we find an exceptional natural wealth and landscapes that will leave you with your mouth open.
Along the way you will find diverse ecosystems and you will be able to observe trees of great beauty.

Other peculiarities of this wonderful route are the views of the Pyrenees, which are full of snow during the winter, you will also skirt the side of the Santa Margarida volcano. The adventure ends at Santa's Bridge

Magdalena on un bus t’espera per tornar al Càmping Lava. This route lasts approximately less than 3 hores contemplant tota mena de paisatges.

In the area of ​​La Garrotxa, specifically in Besalú we find one of the great historical jewels of the region, Dosquers. Formerly, n’hi havia un castell que encara avui en dia continuen existint les restes d’una fortificació que protegia els comtes de l’època. Routes have been devised for this construction to enjoy its visualization.

Aquesta ruta és recomanada per sortir en bicicleta, ja que és molt planera i es localitza al costat del riu Fluvià. The quality of all the ruins and their conservation in time can be observed.

The route starts at the Romanesque Bridge of Besalú towards Dosquers and ends at the fortification. Along the way you will find interactions where you can discover the history of the area.

Garrotxa té una gastronomia pròpia que es pot gaudir dels productes i cultius locals, we have establishments in the city of Olot with a food called “volcanic cuisine”, where you will learn a completely different way of cooking.

Des de Activitats Garrotxa et convidem a gaudir de l’hivern amb nosaltres. See you!