La Garrotxa t’obre les portes al meravellós món del cavall

Garrotxa opens the door to the wonderful world of horses

For years the Garrotxa share life with these creatures so beautiful. The horses and pony part of our culture and daily life and we could not be happier to have them with us. From mountain walks to routes car. They are loyal animals, free obedient and who enjoy the company of humans as much as we enjoyed their. Today we will share with you facts horses, so know more detail.

the horses, with dogs, animals are closer to humans and therefore we know so deeply.

Fun facts to know horses

1- Like rabbits, horse teeth grow continuously, that is why the horses chew grass for many hours, to grind your teeth and avoid hurting themselves.

2- Horses are animals who enjoy the company of other animals as much as people. They are very sociable animals, and depression can have if they are deprived of company. We also want to emphasize his intellectual·emotional intelligence: can detect the mood of people just feeling them or detecting your breathing or your heart baptism.

3- One of the features that stands out are the eyes of horses. Is animal that has eyes bigger, along with whales, seals and ostriches. It allows them to have an overview and monocular. What does it mean? You can see different things at the same time by both eyes.

4- The color vision of the horse is similar to the dogs, can detect many but not all colors, and have difficulty distinguishing between red and green.

5- The proximity of the nose to the brain that has developed olfactory sense very sensitive and very sharp. This sensitivity favors in many situations, for example to search for food, to fetch water (even if it is underwater).

6- A colt is capable of running in a few hours of birth, since his adaptation period, deference to the dogs, is very short. Soon coordinate limbs and can run or escape situations.

7- The horses can reach as adults 88 km / h (this is the record established), but the average speed is 44 km / h

You see, Horses are full of surprises and curiosities us invite you to know Garrotxa Activities.

More interesting facts about horses

Here we show you how to distinguish the moods of the horse, if you want riding or have contact with him:

And horse's ears are raised and moving means it is in a state of natural alarm. It is a normal state for him, and we should not worry.

And ears are with little force or falls be three moods. In the first case the animal may be tired or sad, it is recommended to stop and rest if necessary. It can also mean, detected a strong rival and he is proving submission. And the last option is that the horse may be ill.

And the ears are raised forward, this will mean that the animal feels mistrust someone or something unknown. We caution, we do not know how the horse will react.

If the ears are backward, than usual, the horse being afraid. The younger horses usually have this position when they begin to be assembled, but eventually get used. If the horse feels this way, can calm·Litz him with caresses or trying to be less demanding with them.

Ears close to the neck may indicate aggression, and although it is a strange horse, may feel intimidated by a person or animal.

And the last position and the funniest is when placed one ear forward and one back. This demonstrates doubt. When a rider tries to explain something new to your horse, the position of the ears asked to be recounted.

Horses are animals that deserve to be understood and respected, that is why we invite Garrotxa. You personally know these wonderful creatures who resemble us and therefore we encourage you to create a unique bond with these animals.