Refresca’t a les millors piscines naturals de la Garrotxa

Cool off in the best natural swimming Garrotxa

Summer arrives and it's time to take a swim to beat the heat! You can do the pool Campsites with bungalows most famous Garrotxa: that of Lava Camping. But today I also suggest that you know the natural pools in our area to combat the high temperatures. The Gorges Llierca is one of the highlights of Girona. Among Montagut Tortella, is under the medieval bridge 28 meters. It is known as the beach Garrotxa the large influx of visitors. crystal·waters and incredible views to enjoy when you have completed your Activities Garrotxa.

Discover activities around Garrotxa…

Also do not miss the natural pool of Rafts of Borró. Four river basins that extend across Borró. A unique setting in which you will find four small lakes underground water source. A natural paradise of Alta Garrotxa invite you to live in silence to respect the environment and peace of this ecological wonder.

If you like adventure and want to find a point in the Vall de Bianya, Follow the road until Gorges de Sant Pere Despuig. You walk down steep tracks. The effort will be worthwhile to explore this area of ​​natural bath. In the territory of volcanoes also hides the secret waterfall Mill Murris. A natural color by exotic trees and purity of its water.

¿Take the kids and want to take a trip for everyone? The Gorg de la Plana I know waiting for the whole family. Found in Les Planes. Two waterfalls easy to share a beautiful picture postcard with more love.

The pools of Sant Aniol d'Aguja Also highly recommended is a route to discover the heart of the Garrotxa. Enjoy the way up to the Salt del Brull. A sublime natural sanctuary that you can not miss.

In the area d 'Activities Garrotxa is famous for its volcanic origins… but there you can discover natural pools Enciso!