La fira Orígens recupera els sabors de sempre a la Garrotxa

The fair gets Origins flavors always Garrotxa

Come enjoy a unique experience to learn, taste and buy the best product selection Catalonia. day 23 i 24 November expect you to have fun with our activities, and participate in this appealing proposal. The fair gets Origins flavors always Garrotxa.

In recent years the designation of origin and organic products have gained much popularity. Cultivation little respect for the natural environment and farming have caused massive environmental problems many.

The benefits of consuming organic products and many craft: are characterized by healthy, respect the environment and promote responsible consumption to avoid excessive spending on natural resources. Some ofActivities Garrotxa Origins and recommend the fair to the·incentive to come to know Olot, about their environment and the activities that we offer to our facility·Facilities located in the heart of the Garrotxa.

Organic production is a guarantee of quality. The fair Origins can buy the best traditional food producers. In other words that is, you can buy the local produce lifelong best price.

Organic production in the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa

The exhibition will present a selection of quality products in the area. Tradition and several distinctive features of the land Garrotxa, will be present at this event:

  • The lava from the volcanoes: a cushion for the cultivation of organic products

One of the outstanding characteristics of the soil is volcanic areas is presented as a valuable cushion for growing. This makes the Garrotxa is a land very fertile and productive organic farming.

Crops grow without excessive need for products with little respect for the environment. The natural fertilizer favors the growth of organic products. As an added value, cattle feed on pasture rich in minerals. This favors a positive productive activity of livestock in the Garrotxa

The result, healthy products and quality that you can taste at the fair Origins Olot.

  • Healthy and traditional products

The flavors will be showcased at Origins fair, organic foods that have not been chemically treated, or genetically modified. Quality products to show the authentic flavor of the Garrotxa.

  • Organic farming respects the environment

In the environment where there are crops, live a macro that requires biological balance and be free of aggressive products with the environment. How to avoid the use of chemicals that can alter soil properties, s’evita harm wildlife. This means that biodiversity is much greater, and results in a product with a lots of nutrients. It also helps to fight pests and forecast, besides increasing resistance to contamination due to the biological balance of the different species enter the biological chain.

  • Reducing consumption activities and resources contaminants.

In cultivation is massive use of chemical fertilizers and requires high energy to generate it soon. In addition, this type of crop, vegetation is growing poorer and less abundant in chlorophyll·the (responsible for photosynthesis that transforms the C02 oxygen).
Many farmers have preferred Garrotxa bet for now organic cropping systems, using green manure that create less greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

  • Olot, Quality before quantity.

Modernity must embrace tradition and ecological awareness. Quality must be a priority. this fair bet Olot these values. Practices that also help reduce surplus. And in the event of such a situation, these are destroyed or reused as fertilizers applied to farmland. In organic farming is not wasted nothing.

  • Most experts among the volcanoes of Garrotxa

Organic farming requires more attention from experts. It is for this reason that encourages pest control and overall health of crops. On the other band, the climate is quite humid Garrotxa, which makes the agricultural production requires more attention to gathering·Appeal and control of crops, thus contributing to the increase in employment of rural workers.

  • Greater respect for the work of the farmer

The organic advocates a fair pay for workers of the land. This way encourages also the quality of the work done in the field. The salary implies a major motivation for the farmer. This aspect can be a major initial investment but, eventually, benefits are greater

  • Among volcanoes back to the origins of aromas and flavors.

Those who do not are missing the taste of fruits and vegetables lifetime? tomatoes, beans, ... eating sausages cultural treasures organic food. The majority of the products are in big supermarkets are poor in nutrients, flavors and aromas. This is due to the poor quality of agricultural crops. The products can be found in Origins Olot have grown and developed betting on organic production. At Rome, special and authentic taste will be the stars of the show.

He ecological consumption and many advantages of proximity. You will discover the Olot on 23 i 24 November. Point it to your calendar, gets the flavors and come enjoy activities Garrotxa!