La fauna i la flora de la Garrotxa

The fauna and flora of the Garrotxa

You know all that can offer you the Garrotxa respect to its flora and fauna? There are many hiking trails that help to know more about all this diversity.

The fauna of the natural park of the Garrotxa is varied. And there are over 300 vertebrate species. find 210 bird species, 53 mammal, 14 types of amphibians, 18 reptiles and 12 fish species. In addition to 16 exotic species. But we have not only vertebrates, but living well 1000 different insects and more 150 non-arthropod invertebrates.

While it is true that respect for these animals still performed studies to know more about what you can find in the area.

With regard to plant landscape, presented throughout the area, is too rich, some 1100 species have been identified, some excessively rare flora of the Catalan community. Most species are Central European and a Mediterranean climate, find a 65% of oak, oak and beech, although there are some mixed forests.

The landscape is so diverse that we can enjoy amazing and different shades, from green to red and black. The distribution of crops, pastures, forests and rural houses give the landscape of the Garrotxa look orderly and balanced.

There are multiple routes and plans to make the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa, from enjoying the food, to walk or horse trekking and climbing. I even observed the fauna and flora with special routes.

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