La Fageda de la Grevolosa és el misteri amagat de la Garrotxa

The Beech Grevolosa is the mystery of the hidden Garrotxa

It is very common when it comes to hearing names like Garrotxa The Beech in Jordan, volcano Croscat, the Hermitage of Santa Margarita, ... And they are places of historical and natural wealth untold, but our region has many more surprises that nature will surprise. LBeech Grevolosa to the mystery is hidden Garrotxa. It is located south of Olot is a really special forest.

of the area for schools Activities Garrotxa our services are not the most popular study, we want to extract the maximum potential to give you the opportunity to turn your visit with us an experience you never forget. That is why we are dedicated to finding new mysteries that surprise us around Olot and La Vall d'en Bas.

One of these mysteries found in a valley between volcanoes. We refer to the Beech Grevolosa. It's natural climate Garrotxa meet this tree species, I do it; but at the same time, volcanic soil moisture and so characteristic of this area are to develop a flora and fauna represent a great gift of nature we like to sleep in Garrotxa.

Among the volcanoes of Garrotxa find a unique wildlife

Within this forest we found a really special animal that bears the stamp of our land, Garrotxa. This essentially represents the fauna characteristic of ecological systems moist mountainous areas. In addition, that is a beech forest, Deciduous tree, could not have a large biodiversity; but it is not! Half of this forest passes a river, River Fornes, which, gives life to all the environment is preserved and allows the whole ecosystem.

Animals see in the Garrotxa Activities Garrtoxa

To give you an idea of ​​the wonders hidden site, of the Activities Garrotxa Here are some examples of animals you will find when you visit the area:


The salamander that lives among volcanoes Fadgeda

salamander that lives in volcanoes - activities Garrtoxa

In this forest we find an animal with the greatest beauty that is. Their colors, from yellowish hues, orange and reddish, remind lava flows from a volcano. It is an amphibian that lives in humid climates. This prefers to live underwater, so watch where you step on when you walk by the river.

What is unknown is largely that your skin is covered with a poison that protects it from predators. Still not produce serious harm to humans, not beyond a little redness. A curiosity of this animal is that it is quite shy, so care must be silent to see.

Lizard eyespot·lat Garrotxa

Water we will walk this earth to present reptile leading the party to its skin! It is a large and robust lizard has a large head and a long tail that narrows to the top. The interesting thing about this animal is that its Leather has called "eyespots", circles drawn on her skin, which can have shades from yellow to blue, even, liles.

It lives in dry areas that have a low vegetation where you can find many hideouts. Many of us feel identified with him, because during the summer spends most hours of the day sunbathing and closed during the winter lives hiding.

Stay tuned throughout the day in small corners that beneath the trees and you will find you this our little friend.

lizard eyespot·lat Garrotxa - garrotxa activities

The spirit of the night in the genet Garrotxa

Not much is known of this animal, is a mystery to us. We know it is a mammal night carnivorous. They have a long striped tail that allows them to maintain balance when jumping between branches trees. It is very quick to see it ... you have to be very careful.

genet animal garrotxa - actividades garrotxa

In these lands many more hidden mysteries. We hope to Activities Garrotxa to find them!