Jocs tradicionals

traditional games

We suggest 4 traditional and original games never go out of fashion. Play with your family, friends or partner when you travel, instal·lats a camping or enjoying nature.

linking words

Or sitting in a circle around a table. The game begins when a player says a word any. The following have to say another word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. Everything has to be fast enough. Anyone who can not react in less than two seconds is out of the game.

The ball flying

Players must constantly going off without taking her hands, avoiding the bouncing. Who would drop the ball, or is unable to pass it is eliminated.

The phrase damned

It is juga in grup. One player begins by saying a word to start a sentence. The next add a word, but it will remember it and repeat the above before adding his and so on. It made the longest sentence possible. Count the number of words and competing groups. Win those who have longer sentences.

Apples on a thread

It's no use your hands to eat apples hanging by a thread. Win the first runs apple. There is also the option of playing in teams rather than individually.