Els més petits de la granja, ja tenen nom!

The smallest farm, already have name!

The three male goat babies were born last week at our farm, already have name. We asked through social networks your participation, your help because we choose a name for each. We did get several names very original. We leave some examples of your proposals:

  • Spinning top, Lilian i Cotonet
  • Oriol, Berni and Xispa
  • Leni, Flight i Taki
  • Married, Abascal, Rivera
  • Croscat, Snowy volcano
  • Helena, Teresa i Anna
  • Jordan, Lose and Crater
  • ray, Black i Tro
  • Mancitas, Riublas i Estel
  • Pau, In Fageda
  • Tobby, Spot i Freddy
  • Buf, Minty i Brown
  • splash, Thrush the Sugu
  • Rino, Naia, Panda
  • Sheldon, Teddy i Robin
  • Pol, Philip and Louis
  • Casper, Yuki I. Brown
  • Croscat, Bean and Lava
  • Doraemon, Chin Chan and Tom Thumb
  • Croscat, I Margarida Tosca

We take to thank you all for participating. We are very happy that all the names are very original. In fact, we have been very difficult in choosing the name. Anyways, after so much Delivers, we decided that the newcomers of the house told:

  • sex, Tro i Browni

Goats camping lava