Els fesols de La Garrotxa amb Denominació d’Origen

Beans Garrotxa Designation of Origin

In the region of Garrotxa many outstanding attractions for visitors: River Fluvià, Vall d'en Bas, Lava, And the volcanoes ... kidney beans. It is the flagship product of Garrotxa, to the extent that the Its cuisine is specialized in a variety of dishes containing beans, either with vegetables, rice or meat. The kitchen Volcanic Lava Park includes many recipes that do not disappoint, because the particular geographical characteristics of this area allow savoring local products, intense flavor and quality. These properties make it ideal for vegetarian menus.

Given the variety of possibilities that the area offers, both culinary and hikers, we wanted to draw up recommendations to enjoy the visit. especially, if we want to make our stay healthy.

Land of volcanoes and beans

One of the healthiest varieties of food valued at Garrotxa, is the black beans. This black bean owes its color to the concentration of flavonoids, make this a kind antioxidant superfood. We encourage you to try it on theHostal Can Bean is one of the restaurants in Santa Pau most famous Garrotxa.


It is thought that the variety of bean grown in this area are due to immigration which came originally from Central America from the eighteenth century Olot, destination host. These workers introduced this vegetable farmers Central in combination with corn plants, a culture technique that allowed these vegetables grow in Catalonia.

With time have been creating new specialties, to convert this food into a whole culture itself in the area of ​​volcanoes. In the village of Santa Pau won the category of Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) to the 2015. St. Paul is an obligatory stop for several reasons: worth through the streets of the medieval town, taste its gastronomy, and admire nature around him.

It is an interesting place to stop on the itinerary of tour of the nature of beech and its proximity to volcanoes, since it is located Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

It is precisely its proximity to volcanoes and lava that has led to soil characteristics given its beans a mild flavor, with a high protein content and low harinosidad. Their beans, also known as Santa Pau beans cooked without additives, After eight hours to soak and cook over low heat, which is interrupted by adding cold water jets. In the Volcanic Zone are three specialties that come under the category of Protected Designation of Origin: manera se open, Bein swab and construction petit.

Nature volcanic activities

The Camping organic Lava Located in the area of ​​Beech in Jordan, walk from lava flow. This volcanic area is composed of several volcanoes they have created a moonscape of volcanic rock features, Croscot volcano being one of the largest on the Peninsula.

The volcano is the most visited Santa Margarita, although the last eruption was about 11.000 years. In fact, more likely cool with water from the river Fluvià, before burning the boots to an unexpected fluid lava flow.

In the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, you can perform various activities Activities organized by Garrotxa, as Carrilet, the route by train or horseback riding volcanoes.

La Vall d'en Bas

La Vall d'en Bas is a place where history also enjoy visiting small towns like Saint Privat and Sant Esteve d'en Bas. The valley is crossed by the river Fluvià, dotted with streams. It is a fertile area, agriculture and livestock, surrounded by clumps where we find areas of interest, as the church of Saint Privat, dating from the eleventh century, or Villa Malloll, Listed as a historic-artistic. For lovers of Romanesque art, the whole area is a journey into the past, municipalities as of Garrotxa us back in time with its churches and medieval streets. There are so many places to visit and activities to give that to lose again and again in these parts.