El tren a la Península Ibérica

The train to the Iberian Peninsula

More than a century ago, al any 1848, the first railway line of all the Iberian Peninsula was constructed. This line had an industrial objective that allowed to extend the communications of transport with the factories. The line went from Mataró to Barcelona, and only had one route of 28 kilometers.

Because in the beginning there were a lot of accidents, they chose to build a road with a width greater than that of the countries of the European Union, which was from 1,435. this, it also made it possible to transport heavier and wider goods.

A given curious is that years ago, of 1848, a proposal was made to build a railway system that would transport the wine from the Jerez area to the port of the river Guadelete. But it did not come true, since there was not enough budget and there were not many investors who were interested in building such an infrastructure.

Once the railway line was built they realized it was a very important element for the industry. And that this advance of society made it possible to accelerate the industrial processes of the time. For that, years later, a lot of money was invested in building new lines connecting with the capital.

To this day, they have been built new lines in the Iberian Peninsula which not only connect with national routes, but there are also pathways that connect with other European Union countries, with France and Portugal. And another important thing to note is that the cities with the best rail communications in Spain today are Madrid, because it is the capital, i Barcelona, because it is the place where the construction of the first line began.

Types of trains in the Iberian Peninsula

As the years have gone by, trains and railway lines have changed thanks to all technological advances which have been emerging. Before the trains were only for transporting goods, but little by little lines were established to transport people. There are many types of trains, but the main ones are as follows:

  • The suburban and regional train: is the commuter train. It transports people in a certain region.
  • The metropolitan train: it would be the subway that transports people to a city.
  • High speed train: is the AVE, which transports people all over the country in a much shorter time thanks to the high speed it can take.
  • Freight train: is responsible for transporting very large cargoes and is usually longer and wider than trains for transporting people..

As you can see there are many types of trains, and that each has a completely different purpose. All this, we have achieved this thanks to the research processes that have developed over time. Today we have fully electric trains that do not emit any polluting gases into the atmosphere.

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