La neu també arriba a la Garrotxa

The snow also reaches La Garrotxa

This year 2021 we started it with the snow that the storm Filomena brought us to La Garrotxa and to the whole peninsular territory. The snowfall has left us endearing images around Activities Garrotxa and that we will remember for many years.

The large amount of snow that fell in these stormy days dusted Olot with white, Santa Pau and the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. Our volcanoes were also stained white!

Our horses left their footprints in the snow-covered meadows of La Garrotxa. The same thing has happened with our kids, which have all been put together and sheltered on the farm, along with the rest of the animals.

We share the best ones here imatges de la nevada a la zona d’Activitats Garrotxa: