El projecte la Garrotxa Terra de Volcans compta amb 2,6 milions d’euros.

The project Garrotxa Land of Volcanoes has 2,6 million.

La Generalitat de Catalunya ha donat llum verda a unes subsidies and reforms to generate sustainable employment in the area of ​​Garrotxa, Search improve tourism serves to give the project the principle Land of Volcanoes Garrotxa has 2,6 million investment.

For this tourism plan, Government is expected to provide 1,3 million from the territorial plan to promote tourism 818.594 the sum will be provided by municipalities to promote the project Garrotxa.

This idea is to create a backbone from the town of Olot central core so that it can exercise to the rest of Tourism Garrotxa, giving value to its natural and cultural heritage.

Thanks to this new backbone, The project will help to distribute the flow of visitors and tourists throughout the year and especially in autumn come to know the region and its municipalities.

The project for Beech figures

Some of the different actions can be put in place thanks to these 2,6 million in total will be the rehabilitation and improvement of various areas which tourists enjoy today, famous landmarks such as the "lookout tower body" located in Montagut i Oix, There will also be heading for "The Bridge of Sant Feliu de Pallerols", "The historical sources of Planes" or the archaeological heritage Activating the "Aubert de la Vall d'en Bas.

All these sights in the region, join projects already begun to rehabilitate an area that remains the environmental interest of its inhabitants and its visitors.
Besides being a project of rehabilitation of specific places, aims to advance a line of tourism activities accessible even already in initial phase.

The volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa is accessible

Accessible tourism is one of the great challenges of the future, Cities seek to adapt mobility needs of people who are more limited, the same goes for tourism in many areas has remained stagnant and provides access to an interesting market niche.

With new subsidies granted by the Government, Garrotxa area and its municipalities want to give service quality tourism, for it will invest some of that money to adapt the roads, improve access to information, investment in accessibility and even offer cultural venues such as the current Ca Musquera Mieres.

It also opens step to the rehabilitation of the motorhome parking, which allows better service for a booming sector, one he maintenance of roads Itinerànnia, is a network of paths to explore the Garrotxa.

21 Project support given by the Government

The Government has awarded a grant of 1,345,021.74 for the coming years are made of improvements tourism Garrotxa.

But the project "Land of Volcanoes Garrotxa, culture and identity "was not the only, a total 51 ideas have applied for grants from the Government last July.

Thanks to the work whole district council and coordination of tourism Garrotxa, to enable the project area has a score obtained the 5th best score for a total of 21 cases resolved favorably.

Thanks to the economic upturn and the joint work of the representatives of the county area, The project Garrotxa Land of Volcanoes has 2,6 million, to make possible improvements.