Viu el millor pla romàntic de Sant Valentí a la Garrotxa

Experience the best plan romantic Valentine Garrotxa

The day of Valentine's day and our lands already beginning to feel a lot of love in the air we breathe. Feel crush is the best feelings there. For that, a day dedicated to the person you love is a gift. Saw the best plan romantic Valentine Garrotxa. In this article, you propose best options for us to fall in love with the most volcanic peninsula.

The Garrotxa is for many one of the regions most beautiful and magical in Catalonia thanks to nature, history and cuisine that are part of its essence. This is why we propose a series of options for the couple enjoyed Valentine Garrotxa:

Visit viewpoints caused by lava eruptions of volcanoes in the Garrotxa in the past

It's time toActivities take the train Garrotxa and start a route to the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa and Beech in Jordan.

In the Garrotxa there is a lot of viewpoints to appreciate spectacular views from different parts of our region volcanic:

The viewpoints of Olot

Olot are three points where your views are a real visual treat and a natural spectacle. Three points around the city where you can enjoy the splendor of the Catalan village at different times of the day.

Watching the sun fall under volcanoes from the viewpoint of Montsacopa

Discover the signposted route that will enjoy the breeze Olot. Start the Adventure 35 minutes starting tread the streets of Old City. There you go back in time and feel the history of the Middle Ages in person.

Next, thanks to the directions found on the road, Reach the top of the volcano Montsacopa, Crater popular citywide. We await views 360 degrees around Olot and where the last moments of sunlight give us wonderful views.

The volcano Montolivet and Valentine Pineapple

Olot Valentine

Unlike the previous route, This is usually done in early morning. It is a journey of approximately one hour where you will be surrounded by a charming nature that delightful. You can hear the birds sing, smell the flowers of the area, to reach the crater of Montolivet, enjoy a natural spectacle at dawn.

This nature reserve where the volcano is located within the Sierra Valentine Pineapple, Located in the center of the City of Olot. A curious fact about these viewpoints is that since such measures have been taken almost every geographic area of ​​volcanoes due to its high visibility in the field at different times of the day.

Direct view of the Pyrenees: The Volcano of Bisaroques

We reached the third viewpoint, one of the most hidden and unknown city. At the top is built and preserved an ancient tower. In this special viewpoint accessed by the "Highway Batet", one of the major routes of natural beauty that is in the Garrotxa than discussed earlier blog Garrotxa Activities.

At the summit in 540 m (respectively from Olot), you can enjoy Olot extensive views across the Pyrenees and next to the rear tower will have Carline.

The Beech in Jordan: a journey to the heart of nature

A Activities Garrotxa enjoyed since our inception this natural jewel located in north-central Garrotxa. It was formed through an ancient lava flow that issued the volcano Croscat. The Beech is also surrounded by 21 craters.

From our home you may choose the option of a magical route through the interior of this nature reserve in our Carriages Activities Garrotxa. These go with an expert guide of the area that will explain in detail a lot of curiosities of the Beech in Jordan.

During the winter, this forest becomes a magical place because, from the cold, fall leaves of the beech and brown hues form a cushion, flouring and snow by morning dew. The Beech becomes a very special place to go with your partner for Valentine.

The story is based on Garrotxa Volcanic lava

Garrotxa Nature is not the only aspect. The nearby villages hide a very big historical wealth, as if by magic, et transported through time, in the Middle Ages. It is a first option to spend the day with your partner.

Here are some of the people we recommend visiting:

Santa Pau

Santa Pau Garrotxa

This town in the center of the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa is famous for two major aspects that you will awaken your interest.

The first is found very close to the Santa Margarida volcano, where inside its crater is the church that gives the name to the volcano. A small building hides a unique story; discover it can be a great option to make the person you love the most.

Secondly, this town is famous for the high fertility of their land, Because they are born unique and quality products, as the Santa Pau beans with designation of origin. For this reason, food that is developed in the restaurants is exclusive of these lands. From Garrotxa activities we recommend visiting "We Bean" and the restaurant "The House of Poets":

Cal Bean

This restaurant is located next to the City of Santa Pau. It is a volcanic traditional restaurant that uses traditional methods retaining all the best that has left us the history of the Garrotxa.

Restaurant Garrotxa

Garrotxa to sleep at The House of Poets

Enjoy traditional cuisine using local produce and top quality. What stands out in this Hotel is convenience and price of their rooms. This Lava and camping are the best options to sleep with your partner Garrotxa.

Besalú, compulsory excursion


This town is in the eastern part of the Garrotxa, between the course of two rivers, Fluvià and Capellades. It is a beautifully preserved medieval town and why it is worth visiting at night too.

When you arrive, find a Romanesque bridge that crosses the river Fluvià and opening the way inside the village. Here you can enjoy traditional commerce shops, where you can buy traditional food of the area, handmade figures or any other detail to remember your visit to return..

This town is a romantic option to visit with your partner.

The Garrotxa hides many more mysteries and curiosities that will make your Valentine's Day unforgettable. ¡Vine Activities Garrotxa and fall in love with us!