What times you?
Schedules and prices can be found in casadcuna activities, carriages, trenet .... Open for holidays and do not close rarely.
What is the best time to visit the Beech?
Well worth it for a different reason. Ben is very different in summer green and wet, and the autumn colors of brown, taronjos,.. and the leaves that fall completely naked. And there is much more light that enters the summer is very dense vegetation Schools usually make out in early autumn, when still very cold, or even early spring, that it is the change of season and the good weather returns
For what age is advisable that activity?
Dela Well, from kindergarten to adults, since according to the esdat is an explanation or other, and the story he tells of beech also directed one way or another. Also according to the subject matter in the school or the teachers who are working if we communicate, we adapt . The smaller the fact of going to pull a carriage and the horse so fat already a fact incomparable. They also learn the way to work, Power, how they live ...
Becomes ill temps és ago l’ activity?
The company should not be able to route due to bad weather and the road was damaged already in contact with the school . Although rain outputs are equal without inconvients, ja that tenen an awning i is equal pot fer visit. Just raincoat usually suffice!! However two days before we are always in contact depends if there is bad weather forecast. And there is the case that changing day if no objection.
There are services Parking Can Serra?
Activities in the Garrotxa. There is a natural park building toilets. There is also a green area with picnic table. If you need a place to eat, the ecological lava camping grounds have a prepared picnic tables and benches, green, sports field, swings, bar-cafeteria, sinks,.... available when booking.
In what capacity have Carriages?
Hi fit 14 people in each carriage . Maxim at the same time 75 Children
It can only menu in the restaurant of Camping?
Activities in the Garrotxa. Lava restaurant offers menu for groups, groups, schools,... just ask and we will inform all.


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