Consells a l’hora de collir bolets

Tips when harvesting mushrooms

The other day as we mentioned what types of mushrooms can be found in our province, If you have already decided to go in search of these fungi want to tell you that you will need to be well equipped and some tips and tricks.

To spend a day looking for mushrooms the only thing you need is a knife and a basket, never use plastic bags to store mushrooms. Use comfortable clothes that can get dirty.

The mushrooms should always be cut from the foot lever doing, you never remember to start them. If you carry out this practice will no longer leave the site mushrooms. Do you know why? The mushroom is the fruit of the fungus, for that, must cut fruit. When the cut, cover with remaining soil fungus, if the pressure slightly to help grow back.

When in doubt of what lies ahead mushroom, do not take, gets only the mushrooms you know perfectly. Do not trample, mushrooms cut or break it Cullis, even if they are poisonous, all play roles in nature, helps the environment and involved the least possible environmental, without using utensils or rakes damaging areas.

Do you remember the television campaign for "no Pezqueñines, thanks, you have to let them grow "? Well it is the same with mushrooms. Small mushrooms do not have much flavor, let them grow. Nor collect mushrooms damaged or aged. In addition, here, recommend never Cullen in areas near garbage, factories or roads. Could be bad, who could easily absorb toxic components of soil.

Now is the best time to go looking for mushrooms, so do not hesitate ajunta't with friends and spend a different weekend in search of mushrooms between nature.