Com se celebra als altres països el dia de Reis?

As other countries held the Epiphany?

We look forward to the arrival of the Magi. The day 5 the streets will be filled with joy and·reference to the passage of the procession of their majesties. But you know how tonight will be held in other parts of the world? We bring you some more customs who live in countries like Brazil, Italy and Germany.

– Brazil: in many inland areas of the country performed the famous "Kings do Folia". The day 5 January, Groups of people walk out, on horseback or by boat to visit the houses singing verse stories of all trips were made when the Magi followed the star that led them to Bethlehem.

– Italy: our neighbor, there are no Kings, but enjoy the witch Befana, flying with her broom leaving regalsi socks candy to all children.

– Russia: They have to Ded Moroz, grandfather of winter, but also celebrates this tradition in Bulgaria and Serbia. He beside her granddaughter, Snegurochka, Snow maiden, are responsible for distributing the gifts for new year.

– Puerto Rico: as tradition fed children collect grass for the camels of the Three Kings. This cabbage·packed into a box under the bed and the next morning in this box are your gifts.

– Peru: tradition of giving gifts to children stopped practicing years, but what remains is to make a conclusion as usual dismount the cribs.

– Philippines: in some parts of the country, Children hang their shoes outside their home, finding the next morning, sweets and money.

– Germany, Slovakia and Poland: a month before the arrival of the Magi in our country await Nikolaustag.

Although the traditions are different, the he·hope and smiles of children are the same. Happy Twelfth Night!