Refresca’t a les millors piscines naturals de la Garrotxa

Cool off in the best natural swimming Garrotxa

Summer arrives and it's time to take a swim to beat the heat! You can do in the pool the campsite with bungalows most famous Garrotxa: the Camping Lava. But today I also suggest that you know the natural pools in our area to combat the high temperatures. The Gorges Llierca is one of the highlights of Girona. Among Montagut Tortella, is […]

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Rutes a cavall per La Garrotxa

Horseback riding Garrotxa

Do you like horses? An animal so noble and majestic as the horse, it is hard not to like someone. For that, Being so close to them and when they do horseback riding to La Garrotxa, is an unforgettable experience. The horses are like people, Animals are very sensitive, warm and emotional. They have a sixth sense, as it goes to the dogs, to capture moods. In […]

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Olot és un destí

Olot is a destination

Located in the heart of the Garrotxa Natural Park with his more popular we Olot. Discover what you can do! Shortly speaking of all that hides this town capital of the Catalan region, Garrotxa. For many years, Olot, has invested to extract all the potential natural, History, i cultural. For this reason, the city is filled with things to do and […]

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Viu el millor pla romàntic de Sant Valentí a la Garrotxa

Experience the best plan romantic Valentine Garrotxa

Comes Valentine and our lands already beginning to feel a lot of love in the air we breathe. Feel crush is the best feelings there. For that, a day dedicated to the person you love is a gift. Experience the best plan romantic Valentine Garrotxa. In this article, we offer the best options to fall in love with us […]

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Activitats d’hivern entre els volcans de La Garrotxa

Winter activities between the volcanoes of La Garrotxa

Garrotxa is a region that stands out in any season. These are some of the ideas that we propose: Whether spring, summer, fall or winter, not just in our land activities you can do, alone or accompanied by friends or family. As is well known, Garrotxa has a unique historical and natural wealth that make meeting […]

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La Garrotxa t’obre les portes al meravellós món del cavall

Garrotxa opens the door to the wonderful world of horses

For years the Garrotxa share life with these creatures so beautiful. Horses and ponies are part of our culture and daily life and we could not be happier to have them with us. From mountain walks to routes trolley. They are loyal animals, free obedient and who enjoy the company of humans as much as we enjoyed their. […]

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T’esperem amb les Activitats a la Garrotxa recomanades pel nou any

We wait with activities Garrotxa recommended by the new year

As the eruption of volcanoes, reaching proposals for activities to accompany us this year Garrotxa 2020. The 2019 has left us a lot of shows, parties and curiosities that our land volcanoes, Garrotxa has given us, but 2020 We hope that events can not let go. This new decade gives you entry to a fire and light show in the "Great […]

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Els fesols de La Garrotxa amb Denominació d’Origen

Beans Garrotxa Designation of Origin

In the region of La Garrotxa many outstanding attractions for visitors: River Fluvià, Vall d'en Bas, Lava, volcanoes ... And Beans. It is the flagship product of Garrotxa, to the extent that its cuisine is specialized in a variety of dishes containing beans, either with vegetables, rice or meat. The kitchen Volcanic Lava Park includes many recipes that do not disappoint, […]

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La Fageda de la Grevolosa és el misteri amagat de la Garrotxa

The Beech Grevolosa is the mystery of the hidden Garrotxa

It is very common when it comes to hearing names like Garrotxa Fageda in Jordan, volcano Croscat, the Hermitage of Santa Margarita, ... And they are places of historical and natural wealth untold, but our region has many more surprises that nature will surprise. The Beech Grevolosa is the mystery of the hidden Garrotxa. It is located south of Olot is a really special forest. […]

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La fira Orígens recupera els sabors de sempre a la Garrotxa

The fair gets Origins flavors always Garrotxa

Come enjoy a unique experience to learn, taste and buy the best product selection Catalonia. day 23 i 24 November expect you to have fun with our activities, and participate in this appealing proposal. The fair gets Origins flavors always Garrotxa. In recent years the designation of origin and organic products have gained much popularity. Cultivation little environmentally […]

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