La fira Orígens recupera els sabors de sempre a la Garrotxa

The fair gets Origins flavors always Garrotxa

Come enjoy a unique experience to learn, taste and buy the best product selection Catalonia. day 23 i 24 November expect you to have fun with our activities, and participate in this appealing proposal. The fair gets Origins flavors always Garrotxa. In recent years the designation of origin and organic products have gained much popularity. Els conreus poc respectuosos amb l’entorn […]

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Llum, foc, volcans…Lluèrnia arriba a Olot per endinsar-te en un món únic

light, fire, volcanoes…Skylight reaches Olot delve into a unique world

You may wonder what is skylight, Hi? Es tracta de l’anomenada “festa del foc i de la llum” que es farà el dia 9 de novembre a Olot des de la sortida fins a la posta del sol. It is done with the aim of consolidating the image of Olot related to the environment, with fire, els volcans, light and celebration, Skylight reaches Olot delve into a unique world. Durant […]

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El projecte la Garrotxa Terra de Volcans compta amb 2,6 milions d’euros.

The project Garrotxa Land of Volcanoes has 2,6 million.

La Generalitat de Catalunya ha donat llum verda a unes subvencions per a generar unes reformes i treball sostenible per a la zona de la Garrotxa, la cerca de millorar el sector turístic serveix perquè doni principi el projecte la Garrotxa Terra de Volcans compta amb 2,6 million investment. For this tourism plan, es preveu que la Generalitat aporti 1,3 milions provinents del pla territorial de foment del turisme […]

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On menjar a la Garrotxa i “caçar bolets” aquesta tardor

Where to eat in the Garrotxa "mushroom hunting" this fall

We are already in autumn, and the heat is still in the atmosphere by the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa is one of the most attractive to be visited by tourists these days and in November will seek to take mushrooms, so we advice you to do is to know where to eat páctica in Garrotxa “to hunt” mushrooms. Why is this so attractive […]

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Viatge amb globus per la Fageda d’en Jordá i la Garrotxa

Travel the globe in Jordan Beech Garrotxa

The Garrotxa region and Beech are worthy of the best museums and art books and beauty, its uniqueness as a volcanic area in Cataluña have been portrayed in a complete photographic report, a trip by balloon Beech in Jordan and Garrotxa showing shades, beautiful colors and textures. Photographs transported through the clouds and forests, and represents a new way to discover this wonderful region from the sky. […]

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Barranquisme a la Garrotxa

Canyoning in the Garrotxa

Canyoning is incorporated as a new proposal Garrotxa Activities. The enthusiastic and passionate adventure mountain can enjoy with family and friends for this new entertainment option in the region of the Garrotxa. Canyoning is a very complete sport combining the practice of physical activities: swimming, salts, climbing, abseiling … If you decide to try it, will require a full team […]

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Un ratpenat gegant tria dormir a la Fageda d’en Jordà

A giant bat choose to sleep Beech in Jordan

A group of researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona confirmed the presence of a colony of bats biggest in Europe have been established to sleep at Beech. The species is known scientifically as Nyctalus lasiopterus. It is in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. These nocturnal mammals have been installed·lat sleeping can measure the Beech 50 cm with wings. The technicians have […]

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Muntar a cavall: una teràpia saludable

Ride a horse: healthy therapy

Learning to ride a horse in a natural environment like that of’ Activities Garrotxa can bring us health and wellness. This type of therapy is also known as equine, and used to help sufferers overcome their illnesses. This therapeutic activity started talking Hippocrates in ancient Greece. From the seventeenth century begins to use this direct contact with horses trotting. […]

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Refresca’t a les millors piscines naturals de la Garrotxa

Cool off in the best natural swimming Garrotxa

Summer arrives and it's time to take a swim to beat the heat! You can do in the pool the campsite with bungalows most famous Garrotxa: the Camping Lava. But today I also suggest that you know the natural pools in our area to combat the high temperatures. The Gorges Llierca is one of the highlights of Girona. Among Montagut Tortella, is […]

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Anem de pícnic?

We picnic?

It's time to enjoy the good weather outdoors and away from our routine. Light clothing and comfortable shoes. Change artificial light to natural light. Clean air in the regions of volcanic Garrotxa and colors that nature offers us become the perfect place for a picnic cool. A different way to eat the produce away from home […]

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