La neu també arriba a la Garrotxa

La neu també arriba a la Garrotxa

This year 2021 l’hem començat amb la neu que ens ha portat el temporal Filomena a la Garrotxa i a tot el territori peninsular. Les nevades ens han deixat imatges entranyables a l’entorn d’ Activitats Garrotxa i que recordarem durant molts anys. La gran quantitat de neu que va caure en aquests dies de temporal va empolsinar de blanc Olot, Santa Pau i el Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica […]

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Gastronomia a la Garrotxa

Gastronomy in La Garrotxa

One of the greatest pleasures of life is eating what we love so much. In our land we have a cuisine that everyone likes to try. Many times we like to try new things and that’s why we decide to go to lunch somewhere different. Currently, we have more than 214 Michelin stars throughout Spain, which demonstrates the quality of the peninsular restaurant sector. Quan els […]

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La zona volcànica de la Garrotxa a l’hivern

The volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa in winter

La Garrotxa is an area full of adventures to do, with a perfect historical and cultural heritage for a weekend getaway, either alone or as a family. The volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa is well known in the field of adventure as you can live many new and fun experiences. This year we have had a very complicated situation with the pandemic, this is the reason why many people look for a place to disconnect from the routine. From Activities […]

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Senderisme en vies romanes per la Garrotxa

Hiking on Roman routes through La Garrotxa

More than 20 centuries, the Romans made the decision to conquer the Iberian Peninsula, when at that time it was the territory of the Carthaginians. For that, what they did was enter the Catalan Pyrenees and settle in the province of Girona, specifically in the ancient city of Empúries, as it was a very good strategic point. Poc a poc els romans van anar fent aliances amb algun poble iber […]

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El tren a la Península Ibérica

The train to the Iberian Peninsula

More than a century ago, al any 1848, the first railway line of all the Iberian Peninsula was constructed. This line had an industrial objective that allowed to extend the communications of transport with the factories. The line went from Mataró to Barcelona, and only had one route of 28 kilometers. Because in the beginning there were a lot of accidents, they chose to build a track with a higher width […]

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Turisme de proximitat de la Garrotxa

Local tourism in La Garrotxa

Local tourism in La Garrotxa La Garrotxa is one of the counties in Catalonia with the most interesting natural places to visit, since we find the Natural Park of the volcanic zone of the Garrotxa. In autumn it is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway and discover one of the most special natural environments in all of Catalonia.. In this park we can find a total of […]

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La Garrotxa és el destí ideal a la tardor

La Garrotxa is the ideal destination in autumn

Activities Garrotxa is a family business that was born a long time ago 25 years with the purpose of making known the heart of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa, the municipality of Santa Pau, medieval village. La Garrotxa is the ideal destination in autumn Activities Garrotxa puts at the service of visitors, diversity of activities that allow you to discover in depth this wonderful environment of volcanic land, a unique environment, […]

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Viatge amb globus per la Fageda d’en Jordá i la Garrotxa

Travel the globe in Jordan Beech Garrotxa

The Garrotxa region and Beech are worthy of the best museums and art books and beauty, its uniqueness as a volcanic area in Cataluña have been portrayed in a complete photographic report, a trip by balloon Beech in Jordan and Garrotxa showing shades, beautiful colors and textures. Photographs transported through the clouds and forests, and represents a new way to discover this wonderful region from the sky. […]

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Regala Experiències amb Activitats Garrotxa

Gift Experiences Activities Garrotxa

If you have to make a gift that leaves a mark and you don’t know what to choose, if you want to live a unique experience and enjoy one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the country…, You're in luck!, start reading an article on experiences with Garrotxa Activities, where you will find the answer. A Activitats Garrotxa oferim diferents propostes que tenim preparades per a vosaltres i que us faran viure aventures inoblidables […]

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Activitats Garrotxa lliure de Covid-19

Activities Garrovxa free of Covid-19

Since 25 years, Activities Garrotxa offers a leisure service in full contact with nature, a service of proximity and close and familiar treatment, all this in a unique environment, protected natural. And we want you to count on us this summer. Activities Garrotxa was born to make known the space of La Garrotxa and all its splendor, perquè ens fascina la bellesa del lloc i […]

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