Viatge amb globus per la Fageda d’en Jordá i la Garrotxa

Travel the globe in Jordan Beech Garrotxa

La comarca de la Garrotxa i la Fageda són dignes dels millors museus i llibres d’art i bellesa, la seva singularitat com a zona volcànica a Cataluña han estat retratats en un completíssim reportatge fotogràfic, un viatge amb globus per la Fageda d’en Jordà i la Garrotxa que mostra matisos, beautiful colors and textures. Photographs transported through the clouds and forests, and represents a new way to discover this wonderful region from the sky. […]

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Barranquisme a la Garrotxa

Canyoning in the Garrotxa

Canyoning is incorporated as a new proposal Garrotxa Activities. The enthusiastic and passionate adventure mountain can enjoy with family and friends for this new entertainment option in the region of the Garrotxa. Canyoning is a very complete sport combining the practice of physical activities: swimming, salts, climbing, abseiling … If you decide to try it, will require a full team […]

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Un ratpenat gegant tria dormir a la Fageda d’en Jordà

A giant bat choose to sleep Beech in Jordan

A group of researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona confirmed the presence of a colony of bats biggest in Europe have been established to sleep at Beech. The species is known scientifically as Nyctalus lasiopterus. It is in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. These nocturnal mammals have been installed·lat sleeping can measure the Beech 50 cm with wings. The technicians have […]

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Muntar a cavall: una teràpia saludable

Ride a horse: healthy therapy

Learning to ride a horse in a natural environment like that of’ Activities Garrotxa can bring us health and wellness. This type of therapy is also known as equine, and used to help sufferers overcome their illnesses. This therapeutic activity started talking Hippocrates in ancient Greece. From the seventeenth century begins to use this direct contact with horses trotting. […]

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Refresca’t a les millors piscines naturals de la Garrotxa

Cool off in the best natural swimming Garrotxa

Summer arrives and it's time to take a swim to beat the heat! You can do in the pool the campsite with bungalows most famous Garrotxa: the Camping Lava. But today I also suggest that you know the natural pools in our area to combat the high temperatures. The Gorges Llierca is one of the highlights of Girona. Among Montagut Tortella, is […]

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Anem de pícnic?

We picnic?

It's time to enjoy the good weather outdoors and away from our routine. Light clothing and comfortable shoes. Change artificial light to natural light. Clean air in the regions of volcanic Garrotxa and colors that nature offers us become the perfect place for a picnic cool. A different way to eat the produce away from home […]

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Els més petits de la granja, ja tenen nom!

The smallest farm, already have name!

The three male goat babies were born last week at our farm, already have name. We asked through social networks your participation, your help because we choose a name for each. We did get several names very original. We leave some examples of your proposals: Spinning top, Lilian and milkweed Oriol, Berni i Xispeta Leni, I Taki Lennon Married, Abascal, Rivera Croscat, Nevado […]

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Han nascut 3 cabretes mascle a la nostra granja

They were born 3 male goats on our farm

We are very happy because we have 3 new members to our small farm. These three goats that were born the day 14 March in a normal and uncomplicated. His mother is fine and very happy. These days is on giving and grow well. The little, as usual in all goats walking out now, but do not have horns. these will […]

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A activitats Garrotxa tenim el carruatge tibat per cavalls perxerons.

A Garrotxa activities have tightened the carriage horse perxerons.

The horses stand perxerons animals to be resilient and robust. For this reason animals are usually pull carriages. Originally introduced to Europe as farm animals that helped in farming. aquets animals, highlight the strength and beauty servant. They are very beautiful and at the same time very docile and calm. This breed is originally from “Le Perche”, near Normandy, the France, i dead […]

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Jocs tradicionals

traditional games

We suggest 4 traditional and original games never go out of fashion. Play with your family, friends or partner when you travel, instal·lats a camping or enjoying nature. Link to circle words or sitting around a table. The game begins when a player says a word any. The following have to say another word that begins with the last letter […]

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