Beneficis de l’escalada

Benefits climbing

There are many sports that can be practiced in Garrotxa, from hiking, through cycling to climbing. Today we want to tell you a little more of the latter, and benefits. Come with climbing. It is a sport that combines aerobics if a great muscular endurance technique.

It provides?

– Activated a large number of muscles in this sport. Above all, forearms, continuously, and much of the back muscles as trapeze, dorsal, i part del deltoides. Strengthening the back muscles. the cams, arms, shoulders, back and abdomen gain in strength and flexibility, because all the while generating muscle tension

– It works much the balance. Due to be continuously subjected to the weight of the entire body, muscles working at all times, Improves balance.

– The training is varied climbing, is out of normal routines and there is no stagnation progression.

– Increased flexibility, doing a constant work stretching muscle.

– mental strength: you are faced with a puzzle, each solves a way, up and moving differently to the same block. Climbing requires coordination and alertness.

– Reduce stress levels.


When you start practicing this sport have problems both technically and strength. But with good training improves strength and technique used is smaller. For the area of ​​the Garrotxa can find places to practice this sport as much outdoors as different climbing walls, Try-ho, you enganxaràs.