Barranquisme a la Garrotxa

Canyoning in the Garrotxa

Canyoning joined as the new proposal’Activities Garrotxa. The enthusiastic and passionate adventure mountain can enjoy with family and friends this new option’entertainment in the region of Garrotxa.

Canyoning is a very complete sport combining the practice of physical activities: swimming, salts, climbing, abseiling … If you decide to try it, will need a full team to guarantee our security.

consist of:

  • Helmet: essential to protect the head from blows.
  • Footwear special: resistant material and a rough one to avoid slipping.
  • Wetsuit: to isolate the body from cold temperatures of rivers.
  • School bag: to carry drinks, energy foods, utensils…
  • Climbing equipment: ropes, carabiners, harnesses … you need to climb and descend by ravines of our journey.

Canyoning is an adventure sport that is very beneficial for health. Help improve our endurance and muscular. It requires concentration to overcome the natural obstacles that arise along the way. That is why we will also help improve self-confidence and fighting spirit to the new challenges of life.

The philosophy of lovers adventure sports Garrotxa Other factors are very positive in their emotional vitality. Direct contact with nature promotes optimal mental state. Canyoning is a perfect therapy to get away from daily stress.

A natural campsite Garrotxa to enjoy canyoning

Mountain activities co·teaching also conducive to improving ties between their medical relational. The canyoning in the Garrotxa you can go alone but it is advisable to practice it together.

Living this experience on a weekend is a very interesting option. Sleeping on a camping Natural Garrotxa help you enjoy your practice more comfortable. We recommend sleep in the Garrotxa Lava Camping. This way, at the end of the activity, Success will be held for collection·teaching. It will be important to rest after physical exertion involved canyoning.

for security, it is advisable to inform friends and family of the location where the adventure will take, and the time allotted to it. The experts of the sport practiced prefer the mountain sunrise, never at night to poor visibility conditions. A Activities Garrotxa Always check the weather to enjoy the experience with optimal conditions.

this new activity in the Garrotxa It can be performed from the age of seven and has different levels for all ages: initiation, middle and advanced. An exciting proposal guided canyoning relatives or higher technical level to explore the Garrotxa in an exciting.

Canyoning in the area of ​​the Beech

This volcanic area Girona province and Beech offers among its lava canyons and unique special. The most attractive is the Sant Aniol. A ravine demanding technically required to have a good physical condition.

The trip will last between eight and ten hours. So is considered one of the hardest Alta Garrotxa. Crystal clear waters·waters await us in this experience. Natural attractions that make it one of the most special of Catalonia.

Spring is the peak season for this natural treasure in the area also surprises The Beech in Jordan. Another ecological paradises of this natural environment we recommend visiting.

Gorges of Canals is one of the most famous canyons of the region. Located near Olot, its passage is regulated and you need permission to perform it. The d’ Activities Garrotxa, manage all the necessary experience to enjoy quietly·and safe.

To venture into Ravine Gorge its volume will be essential. Must have a water level enough to walk, climbing and abseiling make on its way. A ravine demanding and require experience and expertise to do it.

The volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa is one of the most outstanding Iberian peninsula. At the foot of the legendary volcano Croscat there are great treasures in the form of natural: Fageda in Jordan is a unique forest.

You should also visit river Fluvià passes through Olot. A walk that unites charming floral landscapes, old factories and workshops that produced thanks to the energy of the fluvial stream.

The canyoning adventure awaits you Activities Garrotxa!