Activities Camping Ecologic Lava

Other Activities Garrotxa

To the Camping Lava Eclògic within Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park We also offer activities addressed different interests.

During the summer season there is a daily program of activities for both small and large. From yoga to Kundalini yoga. Enveloping silence of volcanoes seeking inner peace during your stay Camping Ecologic Lava Classes and demonstration Country line dance with Country Whoever can Garrotxa. Josep We passed some fun evenings, acclimated and very westerns.

Other Activities Garrotxa . Also do not miss our private parties: Day with habanera room burned and music.

  • The Summer Carnival with a variety of costumes imaginable.
  • Live music for the evening set more.
  • Sardana dance classes very typical of our area.
  • Disco for all ages with music from 60 until now the moment.
  • Karaoke, made by us to you.

Spend a very entertaining and fun times together and that is what we intend to do all we wish. And many more activities that arise with your participation.

For the activity you can contact with the 972 68 03 58 or our form, speak?