Activitats per gaudir a la Garrotxa

Activities to enjoy in La Garrotxa

If you have thought enjoy your holidays in La Garrotxa with your family, friends or your partner, you can’t miss the opportunity to do some leisure time. Or if you want to discover this wonderful region you have to do the activities that we will recommend yes or no, they are a unique experience.

Carriage ride through the Fageda d’en Jordà

The Beech in Jordan it is a unique forest in all of Europe, due to its geological conditions, as it has grown on a volcanic surface. In addition, it is a protected area where many animal and plant species coexist, and some of them are in danger of extinction. If you add to this that during a guided tour you will go in a carriage with a guide who explains the most interesting points., heu de tenir en compte que l’experiència envoltats de tanta natura serà màgica.

Train guide through the volcanic area

La Garrotxa has one of the most important natural parks in all of Spain, and in it you will find many inactive volcanoes that you can visit. But the best option is make a guided route, as you may get lost on the roads if you don’t know the area.

On this route you will see the most iconic volcanoes in the area. The crooked volcano, which is very special thanks to its horseshoe shape caused by lava erosion when it was active. And the Torn volcano, the Pomareda volcano and the Martinyà, they are also within the route and you will be able to see them.

Visit Santa Pau

If you want to do an activity with a more touristy look, the best option is visit Santa Pau with our segways. It is a culturizing activity with zero emissions, since the segways are electric. In addition, you can visit the most interesting places in the old town of this town in La Garrotxa, que guarda molts secrets de l’edat mitjana.

And if what you want is to live a complete experience, enjoying a good meal, you can't leave La Garrotxa without stopping at food in Cal Fesol. Your homemade menu is on another level and you will surely repeat it.

Horse riding route through the garrotxa

If what you want is to connect with nature in the most rustic way possible, the option you will like the most is the route on horseback through the volcanic area. You will be accompanied by a horse and a monitor to guide you. You can enjoy the surroundings of La Garrotxa

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