Activitats infantils a la Garrotxa

Children's activities in La Garrotxa

We invite you to discover Lava Parc, a play area where children can practice different activities that promote sports and improve psychomotor conditions, teaching very fun and different alternatives. That’s why we recommend your kids do it, Without any doubt, the following activities, which are adapted to any level.


If you want your kids to have fun jumping, they will have to try our trampolines. This area of ​​Lava Park is one of the most fun, as the kids have a blast jumping and laughing.


We also recommend that your children do activities related to orienteering and adventures in the heart of nature.. Geocaching is perfect for that, as it is an activity in which they have to orient themselves through a map and look for a treasure among the trees, the plants and flowers of our natural environment.


A very fun and healthy activity that we recommend your children do if they come to our park is the slackline. This cheerful sport encourages you to increase your body’s psychomotor abilities, sobretot en millorar l’equilibri dels nens i nenes.

Laser Tag Paintball

If you like the idea of ​​playing paintball outdoors with your friends, we have a much better alternative, the laser tag paintball. This activity is the same as traditional paintball, but no paint is used, but a laser. In this way they will be able to enjoy in a safer and "cleaner" way the fun that the practice of this activity gives us..

Scooter circuit

If your kids are skateboard enthusiasts, we also have our own scooter circuit. In it you can do jumps and various techniques, in a safe way, enjoying the company of his friends. Also if you are staying at the Lava Camping you can practice this activity for several days.

In La Garrotxa, fun has a name of its own: Lava Parc.