Activitats Garrotxa lliure de Covid-19

Activities Garrovxa free of Covid-19

Since 25 years, Activities Garrotxa offers a leisure service in full contact with nature, a service of proximity and close and familiar treatment, all this in a unique environment, protected natural. And we want you to count on us this summer.

Activities Garrotxa was born to make known the space of La Garrotxa and all its splendor, because we are fascinated by the beauty of the place and the uniqueness, of both fauna and flora, being this place an enclave of great value for the region. That is why we manage our service with total responsibility and interest in which all the activities we carry out are equipped with all possible and responsible hygienic measures., thus making Activitats Garrotxa a free space for Covid-19.

Enjoy Garrotxa Activities in peace

We have activated a cleaning and sanitation protocol that includes all our facilities·and staff.

To comply in a coordinated manner with all visitors and according to the instructions of the ICTE, we have a plan of measures to ensure safety and tranquility·lity, making our activities safe.

Staff training

For this we have developed a training on performance against the Covid-19, both the cleaning service and the support staff for the activities.
All the staff has been trained in security protocols in the face of the new adversities that must be faced during these turbulent months..

Protocols in each activity

Action and guidance of all mandatory hygienic and sanitary measures, specifies each activity.


Safety distance information posters and reminder of all mandatory measures


Obligation to use a mask during the time of each and every one of the activities and within the facilities·Facilities


Provided you avoid crowds, there is a capacity limitation to ensure minimum safety

Cleaning and disinfection

Both install them·lations such as activities have at the disposal of visitors hydroalcoholic ice dispensers for use, which guarantees greater security and conditions on an individual level for each client at all times.

Cleaning of activities

The cleaning team, with specific training to ensure that each activity is safe, has a specific cleaning protocol for each of the services we offer in our facilities·Facilities.

These cleaning protocols are activated in each of the activities we perform, like now:

Horse riding

They all comply with a strict cleaning protocol before and after each.

In addition, the rest of services like the farm, the picnic area and the restaurant, they also have their specific service to provide quality service, professional and security.

This way, both the cleaning team and the visitor through personal cleaning with hydroalcoholic ice dispensers make our facilities·in a safe place.