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Activities with schools Activities Garrotxa , We offer a ride to the Beech in Jordan, one of the highlights of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park because of its beauty where the green contrasts with the black volcanic soil that has inspired and·famous poets and artists with its particular charm, which varies with the seasons . There is a stopping point where the children / have the explanation for this peculiar Beech, vegetation, What animals live.. All ages adapted corresponding. We also offer view on train-train by volcanoes, where part of the volcano to see the features inside and out, The guides will explain how to complete, colors, changes, … respectfully volcanoes. Within these outputs to propose 1 € add more pony ride. An activity not will long children who may be a walk and walk and live with these animals. In addition to the group does not have to travel very well we provide schools picnic area is inside the camping grounds ecological lava so they can eat in a clean and care, tables, WC Service, green, playground and farm animals. Therefore we propose to schools came to spend a day with us volcanic, this output will always remember the ¡!! Any questions we are at your disposal.

Activities schools Garrotxa Carriages

The route of carriages is an hour and leave every day at 10 h. 11 h. 12 h. 13 h. 15h. 16 h. 17 h. i 18 h. Ctra Olot Santa Pau km4. Can Serra Area.

Activities schools Garrotxa Carrilet

To better understand the volcanic have the Train of volcanoes that runs through four volcanoes: Croscat "Pomareda", the "Torn" i the Martinyà. The train PA has during the tour. It also has a stopping point where there will guide the whole explanation of the area always adapted to the age of children, explain where there is a volcano, extracts, volcanic bombs etc.

The route of train lasts about 50 minutes and runs every day at 11 h. 12 h. 13 h. 16 h. 17 h. i 18 h. Out of crta Olot Santa Pau km 7. Camping Ecological Lava.

Activities schools Garrotxa Ponies

Walking with our pony on the grounds of Camping Ecological Lava, where you can enjoy a different alternative and more fun to learn dealing with animals.
We also have in our facility·facilities bar-restaurant, sinks, picnic area, sports area, Ducks, Rabbits, chickens ..... A lot of things for a day really fun.


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