Activitats d’hivern entre els volcans de La Garrotxa

Winter activities between the volcanoes of La Garrotxa

Garrotxa is a region that stands out in any season. These are some of the ideas that we propose:

Whether spring, summer, or fall winter, not just in our land activities you can do, alone or accompanied by friends or family. As is well known, Garrotxa has a unique historical and natural wealth that make it a meeting point for a lot of people looking for new experiences and wonderful.

We are big Garrotxa Activities from passionate and knowledgeable of these lands and, Thanks to our experience, we propose to carry out these activities during this winter.


Olot, Volcanoes of history and culture

During the coldest season of the year for many of us is more like being inside enclosed spaces, and as we know, Olot weather during the winter is very cold, so this is a great opportunity to visit museums. Olot is a city that hides a lot of stories and mysteries.

These are a great opportunity to perform an activity the whole family, including younger, proposing a lot of challenges and routes to make teaching within the grounds of the museum. All the family can enjoy a fun and educational experience. There is no better way to capture the curiosity of everyone!

Another great option to spend a quiet afternoon·and the pleasant with the children is in the Marian Library Vayreda, located over the main square of Olot, Street Courtyard. There have two areas where children, on the ground floor you will find a new world, full of exciting stories and are able to leave you with your mouth open.

Thanks to these activities suggests Olot, encouraging interest in learning and culture, especially the younger family.


A Wonder of volcanic lava: the old ways of Batet

After a great breakfast it's time to wrap up well, prepare a backpack with four basic things and get into a route full of wonders that is the area around Olot.

It is a fairly quiet outing·which involves the Batet, a basalt plateau of nature, crowned by a volcano called Pujalós. The large main feature of this route is that it presents an exceptional natural wealth and gives you really beautiful landscapes.

A curiosity about this trail is that it is divided into different natural areas, inhabited by different natural systems. A clear example is the different families of trees, These are grouped into different zones. Some are deciduous and evergreen other, this makes, during winter, in less than 3 hours of walking contemplate landscapes are completely different(some full of leaves and other peeled).

This route gives us spectacular views of the Pyrenees, in winter, are fully flouring snow. As an added value, This route runs along the volcano Santa Margarida, in other words that is, you can give a look at the chapel inside the crater is just a moment if running off the beaten path.

The route ends at the bridge crossing the Santa Magdalena, where you'll find a bus station you can take back to camp.


Dosquers: The old fortified counts of Besalú in the Garrotxa

Besalú is one of the great gems that exist in our region: Dosquers. Of the old castle Dosquers the remains of an ancient fortification protecting the counts Area. Around created several routes to visit them.

This route is very flat and follows the river Fluvià, so you can enjoy a ride full of nature to reach the fort. It is a highly recommended route for cycling tours.

One aspect that characterizes this activity is tranquil·peace and plenitude of the area i, above all, the preservation of all debris.

The route begins at the Romanesque bridge Besalú Dosquers direction and ends at the fortress. Throughout the journey t'aniràs encountering fragments telling the story of the whole area, thus making the route a fun and educational activity.


Garrotxa, a carriage full of food

The fauna and flora in this region is unique due to the volcanic soil that is under your feet. This makes it a truly unique food products and crops because local residents have taken advantage of the most Garrotxa. For this reason, it becomes an option to consider if you are visiting on our site.

In Olot you will find plenty of places where you can taste the authentic volcanic. You can discover how to cook in a totally different and new ideas to take your own kitchen.

Pots, too, get on a bike and roll the "Greenway" to reach the "Farm of the Xiquella", where you can see firsthand the creation of handmade organic Curd manufacturing. An important detail is that the product changes according to the season in which it has been. So that you taste this cheese in winter is totally different from the rest of’ seasons.

Back will stop you in Santa Pau, where you will beans, a legume with Denomination of Origin. You know how to cook your orgen and a thousand and one dishes that you can create with this unique product Garrotxa.

This winter come and pay a visit to our land and nourishes you from experiences you give the great peculiarities of the landscape, its fauna and flora, its history and its gastronomy. A Activities Garrotxa help you to get the maximum potential of your visit. Vine, we wait!