T’esperem amb les Activitats a la Garrotxa recomanades pel nou any

We wait with activities Garrotxa recommended by the new year

As the eruption of volcanoes, reaching proposals for activities to accompany us this year Garrotxa 2020. The 2019 has left us a lot of shows, parties and curiosities that our land volcanoes, Garrotxa has given us, but 2020 We hope that events can not let go.

This new decade gives you entry with a spectacle of light and heat in "Great New Year festival of Olot" where the entire city will be filled with music, gresca, fun and happiness shoulder musical, and shows the expected sound of bells and the taste of the grape.

The fair of Santa Pau beans, Girona

Like every year, you can not let one of the gastronomic icons Garrotxa, the Bean. Remember that this is a legume with designation of origin in Santa Pau, nowhere find a more equal. From Garrotxa activities we offer the culinary route Sunday 19 January, the streets of this town, where you will experience flavors and aromas of our home.

The lava comes out Farro

These are lands bathed by lava from the volcanoes, so that foods that grow children are unique and fire. The day 2 February Surround Gastronomy in the valley of Bianya with "Fair Farro". This is an event that has been doing for many years and which reflects the cuisine of life with food, letting the land. You see all the resources and all forms of cooking this food, which are few!

Watch a pony! a Ninja! A flower! Is Carnival!

Every year all the Garrotxa filled with a lot of different characters, full of fantasy, comedy, colors and above all celebration and joy. The Sunday 22 February the kids come dressed filling the streets of different stories and figures, giving us a great show with Children Carnival.

But this does not end here, Sunday 29 February grains throughout our land to the streets to show all your favorite ideas and figures. This creates a river of color and creativity that you can enjoy all there is. Do not miss Carnival the Garrotxa.

the Horse, you will see a figure at the fair st. Antoni

Sunday 8 March arrive at, riding a lot of horses Fair st. Antoni. This prized animal will star in the streets of Olot and will be given the recognition it deserves both. This event gives presence to this figure around us and not given the great value it deserves. Activities Garrotxa A horse is very present and very dear. You can learn lots of interesting facts you did not know about horses.

Garrotxa, Map for music worldwide!

From here, we believe in music and its value, therefore, dthe day 12 to the 15 March Olot alternative music artists gather from around the world to give them the recognition they deserve. The homes will be filled with the magic of music and different styles. Garrotxa is a land of volcanoes and culture.

The festival MOT gives visibility to literature Girona

In our neighborhood we have a lot of literature and dazzling creativity, and many of them do not know! I came from the 2 to the 4 April Olot Surround yourself with literature that will leave you stunned and speechless. You may find you / your writer / a favorite / da!

El AGAINST 2020 promotes the arts come together in each book and exploring these unknown in literature for literature.

The ultimate expression of the season of flowers, spring!

The day 1 May come the spring fair in Olot. In the streets of the capital will feel firsthand the spirit of the season of life in our land. There will be plenty of stops where it shows the richness of our land and decorate the streets. Come and spend a few days this time for our homes and Activities lives with spring Garrotxa Garrotxa.

Iron legs! Stronger than galloping horses!

Demonstrates the strength and endurance of your legs yet know all the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa. The day 31 May the race made the iron legs. This will all return for a large volcanoes garrotxa, demonstrating the strength and stamina of the runners along with the native beauty of nature. The race will start at the Vall d'en Bas.

These are a small sample of everything that will accompany this new year. Are many other activities to discover. Stay tuned to our website and our social networks.

A lot of activities and we look Garrotxa·hope this new beginning and hope wholeheartedly that you form part,!