A la muntanya, civisme

In the mountain, civics

Unfortunately there are still people who despise or hurt nature out of sheer disregard. These uncivil behaviors on the part of minority groups affect a large majority. A real example is making a bonfire in the middle of the mountain without any control or knowledge, and that ends up creating a fire. As is obvious, these acts affect nature, and to many animal and plant species that die from these reckless acts.

At Activitats Garrotxa we want to raise awareness about this type of action which has very negative consequences for our natural environment..

Another very serious problem is the dumping of waste in landfills·legals. This uncommon act is too common to seriously affect the environment. To reduce this environmental impact, we would like to remember that whenever we have some kind of waste we keep it in our backpack or in a trouser pocket until we find a bin or a recycling container.

At Activitats Garrotxa we have the philosophy of caring for and enjoying nature with respect and civility.

In La Garrotxa we strive to conserve the natural park that has created a unique ecosystem on a volcanic surface. This is another reason to take care of our natural parks in Catalonia, as each of them exudes a magic and freedom that we cannot achieve in any other space.

One of the activities that is very lonely·tendered by our customers are the carriage rides through the Fageda d’en Jordà. This activity is perfect to spend time with the family disconnecting from everything and enjoying one of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole of La Garrotxa.. You will also learn new things thanks to the curiosities explained by our guide, which will allow you to get to know the environment even better.

Another outdoor and guided activity is the train route through the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone.. In this activity, visitors have a great time, as it is a route that is taken calmly and they can see everything that surrounds the ecosystem of inactive volcanoes.

We also have activities focused on the youngest children in the house. At Activitats Garrotxa, children can enjoy a fantastic pony ride, with which they can become friends of our animals.

Remember that caring for our forests is everyone’s responsibility.