A activitats Garrotxa tenim el carruatge tibat per cavalls perxerons.

A Garrotxa activities have tightened the carriage horse perxerons.

The horses stand perxerons animals to be resilient and robust. For this reason animals are usually pull carriages. Originally introduced to Europe as farm animals that helped in farming.

aquets animals, highlight the strength and beauty servant. They are very beautiful and at the same time very docile and calm.

This breed is originally from “Le Perche”, near Normandy, the France, but comes from the Arabian horse. It is believed that during the Crusades, where it appeared was this kind of animal.

It is easy to recognize this breed, as they are very robust body, have a very elegant head and a long, thick tail. His legs are strong and wide and tend to adapt easily to any kind of weather.

If you want to see close, in a magical setting, have the ability to shop around for carriage in the volcanic area of ​​Olot. A single trip, where they explain the creation of this phenomenon with a guided tour for the whole family.