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Ponies Garrotxa

Ponies Garrotxa


Ponies Garrotxa

Ponies Garrotxa. Ponies of the house are ready to make you spend a memorable.

Ponies of garrotxa, are willing to make you spend unforgettable moments! Also you once you've enjoyed the activity will take away new With ponies do routes 30 minutes to the volcanic, with parents and monitor the environment of the volcano Croscat and for children round the grounds of the Lava Park. Also let many fairs in Catalonia and walks you know watching the ponies our Facebook garrotxa, and also our blog.

The children can walk ponies making routes 30 minutes and parents to monitor the volcanic.

What we Did?
For guests staying at the campsite we free daily tasks. In the morning we go to the field to look for ponies and prepare them for work. We give water, food ... In the afternoon return to his stable to rest after a day of riding.
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For guests staying at the campsite Ecological Lava are the daily free. In the morning we all look at the field ponies and prepare them for work. We give water, food, Involving the raspallem.Els ponies are many fairs peoples to walk and be closer to children. Casal Poniclub where you can also have activities with the ponies and riding.

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1 January, 2014
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Ponies in the Garrotxa
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